AChPM Committee Communiqué April 2016

Read the highlights of key issues discussed as part of the 02-2016 meeting, held on 29 April 2016.


College Election Cycle

As of 16 May, 2016 handover of Presidency has occurred, with Dr Simon Allan now undertaking his term as AChPM President until May 2018.

The immediate past President, Clin/Prof Bridge is thanked for his service and leadership over his term. We also thank departing Committee members Dr Greg Parker and Dr Patricia Lee-Apostol for their contribution.

Dr Michelle Gold and Dr Martha Mherekumombe have been reappointed for a further term and we welcome new members A/Prof Gregory Crawford as President-elect, A/Prof Peter Poon, Dr Peter Kirk as New Zealand Representative and Dr Gauri Gogna as trainee representative.

2017 Planning

The Committee has commenced discussions around planning for 2017, with a focus on spirituality training.

Education and training

Medical Oncology Term Changes

Medical Oncology term changes are confirmed to be implemented next year for trainees commencing in 2017. The incoming changes have been circulated through a number of channels but if you require further information please email

Communication Skills Training

A series of teleconferences have been held by a small working group investigating expansion of the AChPM Communication Skills Workshop, to potentially run the workshop twice a year and train more facilitators. Work is progressing in this area.

Trainee News

The Training Committee has put together an Advanced Training Newsletter. The first issue went out in April and aims to keep trainees well-informed of recent and upcoming activities related to the training program.

Policy and advocacy

End of Life Working Party

The work of the End of Life Working Party has concluded, after the launch of the End of Life Care Position Statement at RACP Congress.


The second EVOLVE Forum took place on 7 April, with Dr Allan representing the Chapter. The Committee is considering execution and strategic intentions, particularly looking at how to get the Palliative Medicine list of top 5 low value clinical practices into hospitals.


There are a range of RACP eLearning courses that have been developed and can be accessed by Fellows including the Palliative Medicine Pain Management Module that was developed and mandated for trainees. To view this module and others available, visit the RACP eLearning website.


ANZSPM has provided the platform for the Decision Assist project with an educational package developed for general practitioners and residential aged care workers. Decision Assist aims to support the recognition of individuals who are at the end of life and what needs to be in place to help them.

Symptom control modules were created via video and have been rolled out across the country and presented at general practitioner conferences. An application had also been developed called PalliAGED.

ANZSPM held a College-supported forum in Sydney on euthanasia and physician assisted suicide for members to meet and explore these issues comprehensively for the first time. Over 70 members attended and ANZSPM plan to publish a document on key themes from this meeting.

Registrations are open for the ANZSPM Conference in September and the Toaroha Trainee day in New Zealand will take place from 1 to 3 July. ANZSPM is looking at running a forum on ethics at the end of life as ethical frameworks are shifting and changing. There is also ongoing work on a palliative sedation position statement.

The next meeting of the AChPM Committee will take place on Friday 29 July 2016 via teleconference.

Dr Simon Allan, President
Australasian Chapter of Palliative Medicine
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