AChPM Committee Communiqué November 2019

The following communiqué highlights the key issues discussed as part of the 04-2019 AChPM Committee meeting held on 8 November 2019. 


(Back L-R): A/Prof Brian Le – Committee Member, Dr Michelle Gold – AChPM President-elect, Prof Greg Crawford – AChPM President, Emily Morrison – Senior Executive Officer for the AChPM, Dr Martha Mherekumombe – Paediatrics Representative, A/Prof Leeroy William – Committee Member. (Front L-R): Dr Anthoulla Mohamudally – Training Committee in Palliative Medicine Representative, Dr Gauri Gogna – Trainee Representative, Stephanie Colbert – Executive Officer for the AChPM.


AChPM Committee Workplan 2019-20

The Committee’s workplan for the first half of 2020 includes holding a pilot Spiritualty Training Workshop, supporting the ANZSPM Workforce Working Party, advocating for improved education on opioid prescribing in end of life care patients, and establishing AChPM Committee Awards.

AChPM representation on College Council

From January to May 2020, AChPM President Professor Greg Crawford will act as the AChPM Representative on the College Council.

Policy and Advocacy

Consultations and submissions

Chapter Committee members have been consulted on a number of RACP policy and advocacy submissions in the last quarter of 2019, including:

  • the College’s submission to the RACGP's draft National Drug and Alcohol Education Program guidelines
  • Advice to the Department of Health’s Out of Pocket Costs Transparency Working Group on subspecialty classifications
  • the review by the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation of Heart Failure Organisational Models to Support Leading Better Value Care.
  • feedback for the Australian Digital Health Agency on its Medicines Safety Program draft blueprint


Chapter Awards

The Chapter Committee is looking to introduce 2 awards from 2020 onwards – an award for Outstanding Contribution to the Discipline of Palliative Medicine and an award for the Best Trainee Research Project submitted in a calendar year. The Committee will circulate the details of the awards and how to nominate once the awards have been established.

Chapter Narrative Statement

Following the rollout of the College value proposition Specialists.Together – Educate, Advocate, Innovate, individual Chapters, Faculties and the Paediatrics & Child Health Division developed their own value propositions and narrative statements. The aim of the statements and associated advocacy material is to support the Chapter to have a consistent and simple way to talk about its value to key audiences. The AChPM has now finalised its statement and is currently working to refine associated advocacy toolkit materials. Once finalised, the material will be available to all AChPM members through MyRACP.

The next AChPM Committee meeting will be via videoconference on Tuesday, 18 February 2020.
Prof Greg Crawford
President, Australasian Chapter of Palliative Medicine
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