AChSHM Committee Communiqué 2020

Read highlights of key issues discussed during the AChSHM Committee 2020 meetings.


AChSHM Committee Workplan 2020-2021

The Committee finalised its 2020-2022 work plan and agreed on the following priorities:

  • supporting implementation of the Indigenous Strategic Framework, including through establishment of an AChSHM Indigenous prize
  • supporting access to public sexual health medicine services in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand
  • supporting networking for sexual health physicians, including directors of sexual health services
  • delivering the suite of AChSHM awards
  • delivering the Chapter’s Annual Scientific Meeting
  • finalising a memorandum of understanding with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG)
  • conducting an annual review of the By-law

Past President role

The Committee resolved to endorse changes to the AChSHM By-law to create an immediate Past-President role, and to recommend the amendment to the Adult Medicine Division Council for approval.

Model of Collaboration

The Committee finalised a Model of Collaboration with the New Zealand Sexual Health Society.

Narrative statement

The Committee finalised development of its Marketing and advocacy toolkit. AChSHM members are encouraged to use this toolkit when communicating the value of sexual health medicine to key audiences, both inside the College and outside.

Policy and Advocacy

The Chapter Policy & Advocacy Lead worked with the College’s Policy & Advocacy team to identify initiatives that will align with the College’s Indigenous Strategic Framework. The Committee is currently finalising its approach to this initiative.

The Committee agreed that it would support workforce advocacy activity undertaken by the Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine (ASHM).

Chapter Committee members were consulted on several RACP policy and advocacy submissions in 2020.


Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) and Trainees’ Day

The AChSHM ASM was held virtually on Saturday 20 March and Trainees’ Day on Sunday 21 March. Both events received positive feedback despite the late change to online delivery.

The AChSHM Committee has invited Dr Rick Varma to convene the AChSHM ASM Program Committee for 2021 and good progress is being made in development of that event. See more information about the Sexual Health Medicine 2021 ASM

Awards and Prizes

Penelope Lowe Trainee Prize

The Penelope Lowe Prize will be presented at the 2021 ASM in March. The $500 prize will be awarded to the best case presentation by an Advanced Trainee in Sexual Health Medicine. Applications close 30 January 2021.

See 2021 meeting dates.

Professor Christopher Fairley, President
Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine
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