AChSHM Committee Communiqué April 2016

Read the highlights of key issues discussed as part of the 01-2016 meeting, held on 1 April 2016.


College Election Cycle

The 2016 Presidency handover occurred on 16 May, with Dr Graham Neilsen having commenced his term as AChSHM President until May 2018. Dr Lynne Wray, Immediate past President is thanked for her leaders hip and service to the Chapter. Thanks also go to departing Committee members Dr Catriona Ooi, Dr Christopher Bourne, Dr Sunita Azariah, Dr Sally Murray and A/Prof Lewis Marshall for their contributions to the Chapter.

Dr Carole Khaw and Dr Theo Van Lieshout have been reappointed for a further term on the Committee and we welcome new members A/Prof Catherine O’Connor as President-elect and Dr Julian Langton-Lockton.

The Committee is considering how to take a more proactive role in the College election cycle to ensure more nominations are received for vacancies, including the role of President-elect. Four vacancies are still to be filled for the New Zealand representative, trainee representative and two committee member positions. If you are interested in joining the Committee, please email

Work plan and Future Planning

Strategic planning for 2017 will commence in June and the Committee is considering whether a Fellows’ Update can take place at the ASHA Meeting this year with a view to ensuring this continues to take place at future ASHA meetings as an opportunity for members to network and be updated on Chapter activities and priorities.

Education and training

Curriculum Review

A/Prof Marshall is involved with the College Curriculum review, and will work in the short term to update the Sexual Health Medicine syllabus from 2007. There is a desire to simplify the syllabus as it is thought to be too detailed in its current form.

Policy and advocacy

Indigenous Sexual Health Strategy

Terms of Reference are being established for a working party on indigenous STIs, for development of a College position statement and advocacy strategy. Once the Terms of Reference are confirmed, there will be a call for expressions of interest for members of this working party.


AChSHM Foundation Awards

The AChSHM Committee is undertaking a thorough review of all awards and scholarships funded through RACP foundation. The review will continue at the next Committee meeting in late June.

RACP Website List of AChSHM Fellows

The Find a Sexual Health Medicine Specialist registry on the College website requires updating. The Committee agreed to do so on an annual basis and members will be emailed soon with a request to advise of any changes to their details, also giving new members the opportunity to be added.

AChSHM Annual Scientific Meeting and Trainees’ Day 2017

A tentative host city and date have been selected for the 2017 AChSHM Annual Scientific Meeting and Trainees’ Day 2017. The Chapter Committee agreed that these would be held in Sydney and have tentatively pencilled in Saturday 18 March for the ASM and Sunday 19 March for the Trainees’ Day. The Committee will work the RACP Events team to determine an exact venue.

The next meeting of the AChSHM Committee will take place on Thursday 30 June 2016 via teleconference.

Dr Graham Neilsen, President
Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine
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