AChSHM Committee Communiqué June 2017

Read the highlights of key issues discussed as part of the 02-2017 meeting, held on 30 June 2017.


AChSHM Presidency

Dr Graham Neilsen has recently resigned from his role as AChSHM President and Chair of the Sexual Health in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities (ATSICSH) Working Party for personal reasons. A/Prof Catherine O'Connor is now acting in the role of AChSHM President until May 2018, when she formally takes on the role of AChSHM President. An expression of interest process is currently underway to fill the President-elect casual vacancy. Dr Nathan Ryder has been formally appointed as the new ATSICSH Working Party Chair.

Model of Collaboration

The Chapter Committee is continuing to discuss how a Model of Collaboration schedule can best be developed with the the Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine (ASHM). Members of the Chapter Committee have been identified to work on this project going forward.

By-Law Annual Review and 2018 Planning

The Committee is undertaking its annual review of the AChSHM By-Law and pre-planning work for the 2018 budget and work plan is also underway.

College Council

Prof Basil Donovan has been reappointed to the College Council for a further term as AChSHM representative.

Education and training

Sexual Health Undergraduate Teaching and Specialty Promotion

The Chapter Committee has been discussing Sexual Health Medicine teaching in undergraduate medical programs, having sought advice from the RACP State and Territory Committees to determine if any discussions have taken place with universities regarding curricula relating to RACP specialties.

The Committee plans to review the minimum standards for Australian medical degrees to determine if there are any specific requirements for Sexual Health Medicine and contact the College Education Committee (CEC) for further advice and to determine if there are any plans to contact universities about teaching programs.

Policy and advocacy

Sexual Health in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities Working Party

A number of Working Party meetings have been held and there are a few different streams of work underway including a matrix of consultations with Indigenous health organisations and stakeholders and a draft document setting out principles of good sexual health.

Evolve Recommendations

The Chapter Committee will undertake some work with the College Policy and Advocacy unit to review the AChSHM Evolve list to determine if the content is still topical and up to date or would benefit from revision.


AChSHM Annual Scientific Meeting and Trainees' Day 2018

Planning is underway for the 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting and Trainees’ Day to be held in Melbourne with dates and a venue to be confirmed soon.

Foundation Awards

The AChSHM Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Discipline of Sexual Health Medicine will be offered again biennially commencing in 2017 to be awarded in 2018 at the Annual Scientific Meeting. Applications are expected to open soon and planning is also underway for applications to open for the Jan Edwards Prize for trainees.

Narrative Statement Workshop

The Chapter Committee undertook a narrative statement workshop that was facilitated to develop a communications framework to describe the Chapter, what members of the Chapter are, what they do and the value proposition for belonging to their particular College body.

The next meeting of the AChSHM Committee will take place on Thursday 14 September 2017 via teleconference.

Associate Professor Catherine O'Connor, Acting President
Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine
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