AChSHM Committee Communiqué November 2016

Read the highlights of key issues discussed as part of the 04-2016 meeting, held on 25 November 2016.


Prof Donovan provided a brief update on the recent activity of the College Council. The Council was preparing a report on patient-centred care and consumer engagement.

Education and training

The Training Committee has been discussing the current model of training and how this may need to be reconsidered in future if there was a shift of Fellows moving into the private sector.

At the College Education Committee meeting in Sydney, the Chair of the Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine (AYAM) Committee indicated that AYAM was developing its training program and was keen to explore how it could integrate components of other existing training programs to avoid duplication of effort. Sexual Health Medicine has been identified as an important part of AYAM training.

The Training Committee was also discussing diversification of training and how they might incorporate a special interest elective into the training program, such as sexual dysfunction.

Policy and advocacy

The College has put in a submission to the Drug Utilisation Sub-Committee (DUSC) of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) on testosterone prescribing and has since received a response advising that the DUSC would take on board some of the advice provided by the RACP.

There has also been a lot of positive media on the College's EVOLVE initiative, including the Sexual Health Medicine list.


The Chapter has completed its overall review of AChSHM Foundation awards. The Research Entry Scholarship will be maintained in its biennial form and efforts will be made to increase the value and to introduce a new study grant for trainees in the New Year.

The Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) and Trainees’ Day programs are in the final stages of confirmation and both days will present a range of interesting topics. Like the 2016 event, the ASM will finish with an interactive open mic panel session to take questions from the audience for discussion. A new discounted allied health rate will be introduced to broaden the reach of attendees at the meeting and continued efforts will be made to further promote the meeting to non-members of the Chapter.

The next meeting of the AChSHM Committee will take place on Thursday 2 March 2017 via teleconference.

Dr Graham Neilsen, President
Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine
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