AFOEM Council Communiqué April 2018

Read the highlights of key issues discussed as part of the 02-2018 meeting, held on Friday 13 April 2018.

AFOEM membership of Health and Safety Association of New Zealand (HASANZ)

As per the College’s policy on joining external bodies, the NZ Faculty Office conducted due diligence on HASANZ. The assessment demonstrated no apparent risks to the College of becoming a member of HASANZ and the activities of HASANZ do not conflict with those of the College. The brief will be tabled at the upcoming Fellowship Committee (FC) meeting for final approval.

Faculty Policy and Advocacy Committee (FPAC) Activities

Endorsement of the workplace mental health strategy guide for health services by beyondblue

The Council had referred the issue of endorsing the beyondblue guidelines to the AFOEM Policy and Advocacy Committee (FPAC). The FPAC endorsed the guidelines and the AFOEM President will inform the Physician Health and Wellbeing Reference Group of the endorsement. The Council discussed the need to endorse a NZ specific document/s to ensure that the purpose is achieved in both Australia and New Zealand.

AFOEM Regional Committee Activities

Regional Council members provided an update on activities across Australia and New Zealand. It was noted that in NZ there exists a difficulty with trainees having access to training opportunities and it was proposed that NZ trainees are considered Remote Access Trainees (RATs) analogous to the Australian RATs. Considerations of budget significantly impact this issue and it has been proposed that AFOEM NZ liaise with the Fellow that manages the Australian RATs to understand what options are available to better support the needs of NZ trainees.

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