AFRM Council Communiqué ​March 2018

Read the highlights of the key topics discussed at the 01-2018 AFRM Council meeting, held on Friday 9 March 2018.

Value Proposition and Faculty Narrative

Following the rollout of the College value proposition Specialists. Together – Educate, Advocate, Innovate in 2016, the College has now embarked on the next stage of the project and is developing value propositions and narrative statements for the Divisions, Faculties and Chapters of the College.

In July 2017, the AFRM Council discussed initial ideas and concepts for the AFRM Value Proposition and Faculty Narrative. The results of the discussion were presented in a draft AFRM Value Proposition and Faculty Narrative at the meeting. The Council considered the draft and discussed the question ‘What do we call ourselves?’ The Council agreed on the formal title ‘Consultant Physicians in Rehabilitation Medicine’, which could be shortened to ‘Rehabilitation Medicine Physicians’ for everyday use. Other individuals may use terms like ‘Rehabilitation Specialist’ or ‘Rehabilitation Physician’, but only ‘Rehabilitation Medicine Physician’ completely and accurately describes the professional role of a Fellow of the AFRM.

AFRM Council strongly encourages the membership to adopt these terms and be consistent in their use. The consistent use of the terms like Rehabilitation Medicine Registrar or trainee is also encouraged.The draft Value Proposition and Faculty Narrative will be circulated to the broader membership for those who wish to provide any feedback.

Workforce Data Activity Update

AFRM Council received an update on the College’s physician workforce profile. The College is continuing its work to establish a single, credible and longitudinal data set of physician workforce to better inform workforce decision making. AFRM Council encourages all Fellows and trainees to enter their practice activity through MyRACP

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

The AFRM SIG Chairs are working on the engagement and membership of the current SIGs. The Group identified possible strategies to raise the profile presence of AFRM SIGs across the current AFRM communication channels. These included:

  • Bi-monthly articles in the AFRM eBulletin to feature a SIG
  • Update current SIG profile on the RACP/AFRM website.
  • Providing information at AFRM Annual Training Meeting (ATM) for trainees.

More information on AFRM SIGs

Faculty Policy and Advocacy Committee (FPAC) Activities

The FPAC have been reviewing existing Rehabilitation-related policies and position statements on RACP website. All AFRM policy documents are now directly accessible from the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine Policy and Advocacy webpage, including the revised Rehabilitation Medicine Scope of Practice document.

FPAC has worked with the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care to revise two Clinical Care Standards to recognise the role of Rehabilitation Medicine Physicians. The Clinical Care Standards for the Osteoarthritis of the Knee has recently been updated to include Rehabilitation Medicine Physicians.

AFRM Council and FPAC have commenced initial discussions on the position of Ambulatory Care under Rehabilitation Medicine. Further discussions will continue at the AFRM Council Planning Day to be held in August 2018.

Faculty Education Committee (FEC) Activities

Following the results of the 2017 AFRM Fellowship Written Examination MEQ Paper, the Training Support Unit conducted a survey of candidates (both successful and unsuccessful) and respective supervisors. The aim of the survey was to determine how they prepared for this exam and whether they used different preparation strategies.

Based on these findings the Training Support Unit developed an MEQ Paper Preparation Tip sheet for trainees and an individual MEQ Preparation Tip sheet for supervisors on supporting trainees preparing for the MEQ Paper. The MEQ Preparation Tip sheet for trainees is now available on the website. The MEQ Preparation Tip sheet for supervisors will be circulated to all supervisors of 2018 candidates and will be available online shortly.

AFRM Trainee Committee Activities

Annual Trainee Meeting (ATM) 2018

Registrations for the AFRM ATM are now open. A full program available for the ATM 2018 being held on Saturday, 21 to Sunday, 22 April 2018 at the RACP Office, Sydney. The AFRM ATM Committee encourages all trainees to participate in the educational experience with practical workshops and lectures. Please register at If you have any questions regarding the ATM, please contact

Associate Professor Andrew M Cole
President, AFRM
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