AFRM Council Communiqué ​July 2018

Read the highlights of the key topics discussed at the 02-2018 AFRM Council meeting, held on Friday 6 July 2018.

Value Proposition and Faculty Narrative

AFRM Council are still seeking feedback on this document and it remains open for consultation.

AFRM Council have also commenced promotion of use of the term Rehabilitation Medicine Physician rather than Rehabilitation Physician as the preferred way we describe ourselves for everyday use. Consultant Physician in Rehabilitation Medicine remains the formal term.

Workforce Data Activity Update

AFRM New Zealand with assistance of AFRM Executive team have completed a Registration of Interest (ROI) as part of Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) for funding to support workforce initiatives. The competitive application process is to access a NZ$10m pool of funds. AFRM currently are awaiting the outcome.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

The AFRM component of the RACP SIG web pages has recently been reviewed and updated.

The RACP SIGs are continuing to consider ways to promote and raise their profiles and attract new members.

Faculty Policy and Advocacy Committee (FPAC) Activities

The FPAC have established a communication process with RMSANZ to ensure that consultation documents and other issues that come to FPAC are also appropriately referred on the RMSANZ for review and input.

The Rehabilitation Medicine and Integrated Care paper titled Rehabilitation medicine physicians delivering integrated care in the community - Early Supported Discharge programs in stroke rehabilitation: An example of integrated care (PDF 974KB) is now published on the website.

A revised version of the Osteoarthritis of the Knee Clinical Care Standard which includes the changes suggested by the Faculty has now been endorsed by the AFRM and RACP.

Faculty Education Committee (FEC) Activities

In 2017, the pass rate in the MEQ paper was disappointingly low. The paper was subjected to an unprecedented level of scrutiny in the days and weeks following to ensure its fairness and consistency with previous standards. This included three separate reviews by experts from the Faculty (not involved in the paper's development) and experts from the College's Education Directorate. This is in addition to an extremely thorough process of question development which has been established with validated processes under the guidance of educational experts within the College and carried out by the relevant exam committee each year.

I would thus like to reassure all Fellows that the MEQ exam was and remains a fair assessment. It does not have arbitrary percentiles used to set pass marks – these are set following a well validated standard setting process which allows for all candidates to pass if they reach the standard.

Following the exam, the reviews which followed, and in response to candidates and supervisors' concerns, the College's Training Support Unit has provided the following resources to trainees planning on sitting the Fellowship Written Examinations:

AFRM MEQ Paper – Tips for Trainees
AFRM MEQ Paper – Tips for Supervisors
AFRM FWE Adult MEQ example questions (PDF) and answers (PDF)

AFRM Trainee Committee Activities

Annual Trainee Meeting (ATM) 2018

The Annual Trainee Meeting (ATM) 2018 was held in Sydney at RACP offices in April and was well received by around 70 trainees who attended. There was a wide range of talks covering topics and simultaneous sessions for junior trainees about starting out in rehabilitation medicine; and well as sessions specifically for senior trainees. There was also yoga and mindfulness, and a networking dinner to provide a well-rounded event.

Planning for Annual Trainee Meeting 2019 will commence in September with formation of a sub-committee. Supervisors are advised to encourage their trainees to attend this valuable event.

Professor Tim Geraghty, President
Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
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