AFRM Council Communiqué August 2018

Read the highlights of the key topics discussed at the 03-2018 AFRM Council meeting, held on Friday 10 August 2018.

Time to celebrate

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine. As a specialty, we have accomplished a lot together and should be proud of reaching this milestone. AFRM Council and the College’s Communications team are developing a special anniversary AFRM logo you can use in your email signature. We’re also exploring other ways we can celebrate and will keep you updated on developments.

Value Proposition and Faculty Narrative

AFRM Council recently sought feedback from the wider membership on this document and have continued work at the recent Planning Day and Council meeting to incorporate the comments to finalise this document. An updated version will be disseminated for final consultation shortly.

AFRM Council have also commenced promotion of use of the term Rehabilitation Medicine Physician rather than Rehabilitation Physician as the preferred way we describe ourselves for everyday use. Consultant Physician in Rehabilitation Medicine remains the formal term.

Faculty Policy and Advocacy Committee (FPAC) Activities

The review of AFRM Position Statement Patients with Multi-Resistant Organisms in Rehabilitation Units is currently in the development of a scoping document with support from the Policy & Advocacy Unit. Once the draft has been finalised and approved by both FPAC and CPAC, a Faculty Working Party will be established to undertake this review via a call for EOIs.

A revised version of the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC) OA of the Knee Clinical Care Standard and ACSQHC Hip Fracture Standards has now been endorsed by the AFRM and RACP. FPAC and CPAC have agreed to the proposed changes to ACSQHC Hip Fracture Standards and letter has been sent to the Commission on Monday 30 July.

Faculty Education Committee (FEC) Activities

Dr Greg Bowring officially stepped down as FEC Chair at their last meeting on 26 July 2018. At this meeting, the FEC nominated Dr Michael Johnson as the new FEC Chair and Dr Caitlin Anderson as the new Deputy Chair of the FEC. Dr Shari Parker joined the FEC as the new Lead in Assessment due to her appointment as Chair of the Faculty Assessment Committee (FAC) in Rehabilitation Medicine.

The Lead in Physician Education role has been vacant since early this year, with the FEC trying to re-advertise for the role via expressions of interest. The FEC discussed the importance of the role of the Lead in Physician Education to ensure permanency of the Long Case Assessor Calibration Workshops.

The FEC has discussed the continuing challenge of the Lead in CPD, Dr Clayton King, not having membership on the College’s CPD Committee. The FEC continues to advocate for membership on the College CPD Committee.

AFRM Trainee Committee Activities

Annual Trainee Meeting (ATM) 2019

Planning for Annual Trainee Meeting 2019 will commence in September with formation of a sub-committee. The Committee is currently exploring option of hosting the weekend in either Melbourne or Brisbane. No date for the event have been scheduled. Supervisors are advised to encourage their trainees to attend this valuable event.

Professor Tim Geraghty, President
Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
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