AFRM Council Communiqué August 2019

Read the highlights of the key topics discussed at the 03-2019 AFRM Council meeting, held on Friday 9 August 2019.

AFRM Regional Committees: 'Branch Reinvigoration'

As part of the AFRM Strategic Work Plan 2019-2020, an initiative is to develop an AFRM Member Engagement Strategy, of which a key deliverable is to re-invigorate the AFRM Regional Committees.

AFRM Executive Committee and Council have commenced reviewing key documents and developing new templates, currently a survey has been distributed to Regional Chairs to gain a better understanding of what the current baseline situation is in each region.

Faculty Policy and Advocacy Committee (FPAC) activities

The FPAC continue to review existing rehabilitation-related policies and position statements published by the RACP.

Expressions of interest are being considered for the establishment of the Multi-Resistant Organisms in Rehabilitation Units Working Party to review ‘Guiding principles for the management of patients with multi-resistant organisms (MROs) in rehabilitation units.

Expressions of interest for an Australian AFRM Fellows to assist and scope the Bariatric Rehabilitation Position Statement closes Friday 30 August 2019.

Faculty Education Committee (FEC) Activities

FEC continues to focus on the Advanced Training Curriculum Renewal process.

AFRM Trainee Committee Activities

Planning for Annual Trainee Meeting 2020 will commence in October. The subcommittee will explore other dates from the traditional beginning of the calendar year and the 2020 agenda will offer concurrent session between Adult and Paediatric Medicine.

Professor Tim Geraghty, President
Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
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