AFRM Council Communiqué March 2019

Read the highlights of the key topics discussed at the 01-2019 AFRM Council meeting, held on Thursday 15 March 2019.

Value Proposition and Faculty Narrative

The College’s Marketing and Communications team has developed a toolkit to help raise the speciality profile. Further information will be brought to members when the resources are available online.

RACP Foundation Award Funding 2019/2020

AFRM Council approved the criteria and funding request for the 2019/2020 AFRM Awards.

Faculty Policy and Advocacy Committee (FPAC) Activities

The updated version of the AFRM Standards for the provision of Inpatient Adult Rehabilitation Medicine Services in Public and Private Hospitals (February 2019) is now available online.

The FPAC have been reviewing other Rehabilitation-related policies and position statements on the RACP website. Working groups have been formed for the review of:

  • Guiding principles for the management of patients with multi-resistant organisms (MROs) in rehabilitation units
  • AFRM Position Statement on the use of stem cells as a therapy for cerebral palsy

The FPAC has begun work on the development of a new AFRM Position statement on Bariatric Rehabilitation.

AFRM Trainee Committee Activities

A successful Annual Trainee Meeting (ATM) 2019 was held in Governor Macquarie Tower RACP Offices in Sydney. AFRM New Fellows within NSW were invited to attend this event. There was a wide range of talks and sessions for junior trainees as well as sessions specifically for senior trainees.

Professor Tim Geraghty, President
Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
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