AMD Council Communiqué March and September 2020

Read the highlights of key issues discussed as part of the 2020 meetings, held on Wednesday 11 March and Friday 4 September.


The first 2020 Council meeting, on 11 March, was held via videoconference because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Professor Don Campbell succeeded Professor Paul Komesaroff as Adult Medicine Division (AMD) President following the Annual General Meeting on 4 May 2020.

The biennial AMD Planning Day was held on 26 August, followed by the second AMD Council meeting on 4 September. Both meetings were held via videoconference. The Chair noted an intention to work closely with the President-elect, and to plan beyond the College’s usual 2-year planning cycle.

Council members resolved to formally progress the following initiatives in the 2021-2022 AMD work plan:

  • increase equity and fairness in Advanced Training selection
  • improve capacity to identify workforce composition and areas of need
  • support and grow the physician leader
  • improve understanding and clarify the value of the AMD

The Chair thanked all Council members for their participation in the development of the 2021-2022 work plan and encouraged specialty societies to work closely with the College to create value for all members.

Model of Collaboration

Council members were provided with an overview of the history and intention of the Model of Collaboration (MoC). The framework was co-designed by specialty societies and peak bodies of the College in 2015 and describes the interdependent relationship between specialty societies that are affiliated with the RACP.

Council members resolved that the College will develop an updated MoC template with pre-populated information in order to reduce the workload on specialty societies.

International Engagement

Members were provided with an overview of the College’s work in international engagement including the International Strategy Reference Group.


Members were provided with an update on the National Medical Workforce strategy, which aims to make practical and sustainable changes in the medical workforce. Workforce was identified as one of Council’s key initiatives for 2021-2022.

Congress 2021

Dr Sharmila Ramessur Chandran was endorsed by the AMD Executive Committee as AMD representative on the Congress Planning Committee. Specialty societies will be invited to deliver clinical updates as part of Congress 2021.

Online Communities Project

The Online Communities project will provide a platform for members to connect with each other, and with the College. A pilot is currently being planned and, if successful, the project will progress to the second stage.

Advanced Trainee Selection and Matching

Members raised concern that the College could be seen to be using College resources to provide the Advanced Trainee Selection and Matching (ATSM) service to some specialties but not all. AMD Council members resolved to advise the College Board that the ATSM service should be made more broadly available, and that transparency and accountability be built into processes for trainees, by December 2021.

Education and Training

Members were provided with an update on how the College plans to grow and support the Indigenous physician workforce. This plan will be supported by the AMD work plan.

Indigenous Strategic Framework

Members were advised that changes to the College governance structure will ensure that Indigenous leadership drives delivery of the Indigenous Strategic Framework.

Members were encouraged to explore cultural competency training and to reflect on personal inherent biases, particularly in health settings.

Growing and supporting the Indigenous physician work force is a key priority for the AMD Council.

Policy and Advocacy Lead Fellows Network (LFN)

Members resolved to disestablish the AMD Policy and Advocacy Lead Fellows Network and to not renew its Terms of Reference.


Members were provided with an overview of the Evolve initiative. It was noted that the initiative works closely with specialty societies, and they were thanked for their participation.

CPD Collaboration

Members were advised that requirements for CPD have changed significantly over the last 2 years and will continue to change as regulators finalise requirements to strengthen CPD in Australia and recertification in  Aotearoa New Zealand.

Specialty societies were encouraged to collaborate with the College to communicate information about changes in CPD to their members and to build customised resources to meet these changes.

Aotearoa New Zealand AMD Committee report

Members noted highlights from the previous 12 months:

  • the #makeitthenorm campaign was relaunched to advocate for better housing
  • a combined meeting with the Aotearoa New Zealand Committee and the Māori Health Committee
  • options for updated facilities and new office space were being explored for New Zealand staff

The Aotearoa New Zealand AMD Committee Chair advised that her term would end in May 2021. The AMD President acknowledged the Committee Chair’s leadership and contributions during her term on the Council.

Professor Don Campbell, President
Adult Medicine Division
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