AMD Council Communiqué August 2019

Read the highlights of key issues discussed as part of the 02-2019 meeting, held on Thursday 8 August 2019.


President’s Report

AMD Council continues to progress the AMD workplan, in line with the Board's ongoing delivery of the RACP Strategic Plan 2019 – 2021. Council members noted other key developments including the reconvening of the AMD Policy and Advocacy Lead Fellows Network, and the welcoming of a new trainee representative, Dr Sudha Raghunath, to the Adult Medicine Executive Committee.

Council members noted that in his capacity as AMD President, Professor Paul Komesaroff would be traveling to China, Myanmar and Indonesia in August 2019, to meet with various stakeholders. The objective of the trip is to further develop the College’s International Engagement Strategy and highlight the College’s direction for future international focus.


International Engagement

Mr Brian Freestone, Director, Development presented a short summary of the College’s activity in international engagement. Council members noted the RACP had recently signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the South Pacific Community (SPC) and is working closely with the Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine Faculty Council and the SPC. Mr Freestone acknowledged that being an educational body, the College can help develop training programs and services that address the needs of the public across the Pacific.

Professional Practice

Professional Performance Framework and Recertification

Ms Kerri Brown, Interim Director, Professional Practice and Mr Michael Pooley Senior Project Manager, Member Learning and Development, provided a short presentation on the Professional Performance Framework and Recertification. Ms Brown confirmed framework changes had been communicated to members via multiple communication channels of the College, however there is concern the message may not have successfully reached all members. Ms Brown advised that a written letter will also be sent to all members.


Online Communities

Ms Kirsten Berg, Manager, Member Services, provided Council members with a short presentation on the Online Communities project. Key areas of focus for the project are to create a single entry-point for members to enjoy a connected experience, to develop a space that allows members to join communities of practice on topics of interest to them, and to create a place where members can share resources. Ms Berg welcomed members to contact the Member Services team if they were interested in being a part of the pilot.

Member Insights

Ms Berg provided an overview of the first edition of the RACP Member Statistics and Insights Report. Council members noted the report visually displays a range of membership characteristics and that its content appears consistent with some of the insights gained from Member Journey Mapping project research. Ms Berg advised Council members that the College aims to reproduce the report annually, to help College bodies, members and staff inform their activities and decision making.

Congress 2020 update

Prof Campbell, Lead Fellow for Congress 2020 provided Council members with an overview on progress for the development of Congress 2020. Council members were advised that themes are already being discussed for Congress 2020, which is to be held in Melbourne 4 - 6 May. Council members agreed a clear need exists for more clinical updates to be included in the Congress 2020 program.

Education and Training

Physician Health and Wellbeing update

Dr Beata Byok, President, AFOEM and Chair, Physician Health and Wellbeing Reference Group provided members with an update on the Physician Health and Wellbeing strategy 2019 – 2021. Dr Byok explained that the physician, the patient and the workforce are all at the centre of the strategy, with the strategy’s objective to strengthen College culture. Council members were advised a draft implementation plan is currently being developed by the Reference Group in consultation with business units across the College.

Indigenous Physician Workforce

Ms Robyn Burley provided Council members with an update on the progress of work being undertaken by the College to grow the Indigenous physician workforce. Ms Burley noted a report is currently being finalised regarding how the College can more effectively attract Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, and Maori physicians.

Policy and Advocacy

Evolve update

Mr Jason Soon, Manager, Policy and Advocacy, provided the Council with an update on recent Evolve list development activities. Mr Soon advised Council members that the CPAC Council had approved for consultation a draft Evolve strategy for the period 2019 – 2021. Council members noted the consultation was made through the DFaCs, specialty societies, Evolve Reference Group and was included in the Presidents eBulletin. Mr Soon advised Council members that feedback received was varied and will be used to guide relevant amendments to the strategy. It was noted there appears to be great interest among members to participate in Evolve, along with demand to develop tools that could be used to disseminate Evolve.

MBS Review Taskforce update

Mr Patrick Tobin, Director, Policy and Advocacy gave Council members a verbal update on the MBS Review Taskforce. Council members noted that in February 2019 the RACP was invited to comment on the draft report of the Specialist and Consultant Physician Consultations Clinical Committee of the MBS Review Taskforce. Mr Tobin advised Council members that following this invitation, there was wide consultation performed across the College, including a survey sent to all Australia based members. Mr Tobin confirmed the Taskforce is in the process of preparing recommendations for the Minister.

Professor Paul Komesaroff, President
Adult Medicine Division
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