AMD Council Communiqué August 2017

Read the highlights of key issues discussed as part of the 01-2018 meeting, held on Friday, 2 March 2018. 
The Adult Medicine Division (AMD) Council welcomed the following new members:
  • A/Prof Geoffrey Playford, Adult Medicine Division Education Committee Chair
  • Dr John Gommans, New Zealand Adult Medicine Division Committee Chair
  • A/Prof Catherine O’Connor, Acting President, Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine
  • A/Prof Edward Strivens, Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine Representative


Board Reform: AMD interaction with the new RACP Board

Members noted that the AMD Executive Committee (AMDEX) had discussed Board reform and AMDs interaction with RACP Board and College Council at their meetings since the 01-2017 AMD Council meeting. AMDEX had proposed that the AMD Council should monitor the implementation of the new Board and review the AMD Council’s role and composition over the next Council term (May 2018 to May 2020). 

Members discussed the specialty society representation on the AMD Council and their relationship with the College Council. It was clarified that the College Council comprises representatives from the College’s education streams and not specialty society representatives, whereas the AMD Council comprises specialty society representatives. It was noted that AMD had gained considerable momentum in re-engaging and improving the College’s relationship with AMD affiliated specialty societies.

There was agreement that the AMD Council composition should remain as is and a watching brief be maintained with regard to any governance/composition changes that may need to be made as a result of the implementation of Board reform in May 2018.

AMD Work Plan: Workforce Data Reconciliation Project

Brian Freestone, Director, Professional Affairs, joined the meeting to discuss the College’s workforce activity. Members were advised that the College’s workforce activity priority is to establish the authoritative data bank for the physician workforce in Australia and New Zealand. It was noted that a report on proposed College workforce data activity will be discussed at the upcoming College Board and College Council meetings, after which it was likely that more detailed information would be forthcoming.

Education and Training

AMDEC Chair Report

Dr Marie-Louise Stokes, Director, Education Services joined the meeting to discuss the AMD Education Committee (AMDEC) Chair’s report and the Australian Medical Council / Medical Council of New Zealand progress report with members. AMD Councillors commended the work exhibited in both documents.

Wellbeing of Fellows and trainees

Members discussed wellbeing of Fellows and trainees at length, acknowledging the importance of the topic and the need for action to be taken. The CEO advised that the College’s activity in this area will increase in the next two to three months with the Board directing and reviewing a strategic roadmap. Discussion covered trainee wellbeing, annual examination arrangements, professional behaviour, supervisor wellbeing, and the opportunity for training site accreditation to address some of these areas. The challenge of aligning responsibilities of employers and those of the College was acknowledged.

The Chair concluded that the College and other organisations could do much to set “rules”, however doctors also bear a responsibility in changing a workplace culture that contributes to undermining individual and collective wellbeing. Members agreed they could and should also set an example and model positive behaviour in their workplaces.

Policy and Advocacy

Evolve - Implementation Activity

Members were provided with an update on Evolve activity, noting that seventeen Evolve lists have been completed with a further fifteen under development. Several activities are underway to assist with dissemination of lists including work being undertaken with other Colleges and professions to increase reach. Implementation and evaluation are now priorities.

AMD 2017 Work Plan: Policy and Advocacy Lead Fellows Project Report

Members noted in the coming months each AMD affiliated specialty society will be approached to appoint a Lead Fellow to the AMD Policy and Advocacy Lead Fellow Network (Network) as the Network’s terms of reference had been finalised and approved, as resolved at the April 2017 AMD Council meeting. The aim of the Network is to facilitate two way conversations around policy and advocacy issues of interest across AMD. It will complement the work that is undertaken by the College Policy and Advocacy Council (CPAC), and not take on work in competition with the CPAC. 

The Network will hold four teleconferences during 2018 and will be subject to evaluation at the end of the year before being confirmed for continuation.


Model of Collaboration: Progress Report, Webinar Pilot & Funding

Members acknowledged the considerable progress that has been made in the development of Model of Collaboration (MoC) schedules since the April AMD Council meeting. The progress includes fourteen draft schedules which have been reviewed and referred back to their specialty societies, a further ten schedules currently in development and three schedules currently undergoing the fact checking process. It was noted that the slow progress with the first fourteen schedules reflected the complexity of reviewing and reconciling education activities and governance arrangements.

Members considered some ideas tabled around how specialty society requests for College funding support could be managed. A set of principles was discussed and it was agreed the AMDEX would further develop these with a view to running a pilot project in 2018, subject to Board and budgetary approval. Members expressed support for phased implementation of any activity of this kind.

RACP Congress 2018: update

Members noted that planning for RACP Congress 2018 is underway, with Sydney being the confirmed location. It was noted that A/Prof Buckmaster had been appointed as the AMD Lead Fellow, with ongoing support from Prof Campbell. 

The Chair advised that the AMD Oration speakers had been determined and official invitations were being sent. Members enthusiastically endorsed the choice of speakers and AMD Councillors agreed to encourage colleagues to attend.

AMD Council Work Plan 2018

Members noted the AMD work plan discussions that were held the previous evening indicated only minor changes and inclusion of AMD’s support for wellbeing activity.

The next meeting of the AMD Council will take place in 2018.
A/Prof Grant Phelps President,
Adult Medicine Division
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