AMD Council Communiqué February 2019

Read the highlights of key issues discussed as part of the 01-2019 meeting, held on Tuesday 12 February 2019.


President’s Report

It was noted that the Board has recently released the RACP Strategic Plan for 2019 – 2021, which sets out the College’s six overarching goals and areas of focus. A major area of focus for both the RACP Strategic Plan and the AMD workplan is trainee health and wellbeing. The Chair acknowledged that Fellows can have an impact when it comes to implementing improvements among processes, communications and resources, to help further support trainees. It was noted that some key policy work being undertaken by the College includes climate change and health, end of life care, the Evolve initiative, Indigenous medical specialist access framework, and integrated care. The Chair also noted that the Specialty Society Webinar series will run again in 2019, with a total of 45 webinar sessions being available. Specialty societies are encouraged to apply in March 2019 and will be able to apply to host up to six webinar sessions each under the new program.

Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine Committee (AYAM) Work Plan

AMD Council members reviewed and approved the Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine Committee Committee’s activity plan for 2018 – 2020.

Education and Training

Trainee Health & Wellbeing and Indigenous Selection into Training

Ms Robyn Burley, Director, Education, Learning and Assessment and her team provided members with a short update on the recent Australian Medical Council (AMC) accreditation meeting, noting that the initial feedback was positive. Ms Burley advised that the results from the trainee survey on accreditation and wellbeing conducted in 2018 aimed to provide base level data for the College to measure the effectiveness of initiatives in this area. Ms Nicole Willico, Senior Policy Officer Education, Learning and Assessment, provided members with a short presentation on the physician health and wellbeing roadmap, advising that her role at the College was to establish where the College’s focus will be over the next few years.

Education Renewal Update

Ms Louise Rigby, Project Manager, Education Renewal Program, provided members with an update on the progress of education renewal program in the College. Members discussed the implementation of competency-based training, noting that all medical colleges under the AMC are moving towards this type of training and assessment.

Policy & Advocacy

Consultation on model to increase P&A delegation

Mr Patrick Tobin, Director, Policy and Advocacy, provided members with an overview of the consultation on the proposed model to increase policy and advocacy delegation to the Colleges Divisions, Faculties and Chapters. The proposed model aims to enable and support the devolution of policy and advocacy to the different parts of the College and Fellows with specific expertise. Members discussed the current challenges of forming a College consensus on matters due to the large number and diverse views of the College membership.

Evolve update

Members received an update on the Evolve initiative which aims to drive high-value, high-quality care in Australia and New Zealand. There are now 22 Evolve Top Five Lists published, with further lists under development. An updated Evolve Policy and Advocacy Strategy for 2019 onwards is in development which will provide further details on a new review process and other future Evolve priorities.


Consumer Advisory Group

Ms Kate More, Director, Operations, provided members with background into the establishment of a Consumer Advisory Group (CAG) in the College in mid-2018. Members of the CAG would be joining several College bodies to provide a consumer voice to contribute to their committee and council work. Council members agreed that the CAG raised interesting questions, particularly in relation to patients centred care. Ms More advised she would take back AMD Council’s feedback to the CAG and would provide an update to AMD Council.

RACP Congress 2019

The Council discussed the upcoming RACP Congress, noting that this year will include a creative fringe element to create an experience for attendees outside the program.

Member Journey Mapping update

Ms Kirsten Berg, Manager, Member Services, provided members with an update on the College Member Journey Mapping project. The Member Satisfaction Survey will be launched on Monday 25 February and all members were encouraged to complete the survey.

AMD Lead Fellow Network Assessment

The Chair provided members with an overview of the AMD Lead Fellow Network (Network) highlighting that the aim of the Network is to facilitate communication between the College and specialty societies. The Council agreed to extend the Network for another 12 months in which it will hold four videoconferences and participate in an online community pilot.

The next meeting of the AMD Council is scheduled to be held Thursday 8 August 2019.

Professor Paul Komesaroff, President
Adult Medicine Division
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