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Hui-tanguru | February 2021
I hope you could spend time with whānau over summer and re-energise after a challenging 2020 – mind you, I expect 2021 to go down in history as the year that followed 2020, last year’s challenges of COVID-19 and conspiracists won’t be going away for a while. 

Hakihea | December 2020
With 2020 fast coming to a close, I pass on my thanks for everyone’s efforts on behalf of the College during what has been an extremely challenging year. Thank you to the supervisors, examiners and Directors of Physician and Paediatrician Education who have worked tirelessly. 

Mahuru | September 2020
A major reason people keep coming back to hospital, is that the condition of their life is making them sick. It does not need to go on like this, because we know the reasons why. There are four things, that when we get them right, lead to good health for all New Zealanders.

Hongongoi | June 2020
I acknowledge my many teachers who brought me to this point. In particular I recall those Māori leaders of the College who are no longer with us, Professor Eru Pomare, and Dr Leo Buchanan, sons of Taranaki. Moe mai, e ngā Rangatira kua hinga, moe mai. 

Poutū-te-rangi | March 2020
As this is my last post as Aotearoa New Zealand President, I take this opportunity to wish you all the best for the future. It has been a privilege to serve you. I am proud of what we have achieved together over the last two years. 

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