Northern Territory - August 2022

A message from your Northern Territory Regional Committee Chair

Richard BuddUnfortunately, COVID-19, alongside flu, is putting further strain on our medical system with increased staff sickness. Personal protective equipment usage in the hospital systems has increased and we are being encouraged to have our fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. I, like many of you, am fed up with COVID-19.

This is a time to look out for our wellbeing, and that of our colleagues — and especially our trainees who are preparing for exams. Make sure you are utilising your leave and having plenty of activities that do not involve respiratory viruses.

The Committee is very active in our advocacy work. We will be meeting with the Chief Minister soon to speak about some of our priorities, with a particular emphasis on youth justice and the increasing numbers of detained children in the Don Dale facility.

You will all have heard about the recent news report regarding clinical leadership in NT Health. Many of you have been understandably worried about the information that has been spread through many different sources. We have been in contact with the Department of Health and advised them to engage with clinicians, and to clearly explain the restructuring plans — both through meetings and in writing. While the College cannot advise on employment issues or the nature of the restructuring itself, we will continue to advocate for clarity on this issue and respectful consultation with physicians in leadership roles.

Please look out for upcoming events through the College, including the Trainee Research Awards and upcoming educational webinars.

I hope you all having a chance to enjoy the beautiful dry season and have not been too chilly!

Dr Richard Budd  MBChB MRCPUK (resp med) FRACP FRCP Edin

Northern Territory Regional Committee Chair

Represent on the Northern Territory Regional Committee

The Committee seeks to appoint two positions:

  • One (1) x AMD representative
  • One (1) x Faculty or Chapter representative.

To see the position descriptions and to apply, visit this webpage.

For more about the Committee and College governance, see the Northern Territory Regional Committee By-law (PDF), Governance of College Bodies By-Law (PDF) and the Code of Conduct (PDF). The closing date is 30 September 2022 at 6pm AEST.

A message from the Northern Territory Trainees’ Committee Chair

Johanna MoraesAfter a difficult few years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a pleasure to welcome trainees across the state — both new and continuing — with optimism for the coming year.

The Trainees' Committee advocates for and represents the interests of all trainees across the Northern Territory, in both adult and paediatric medicine. In particular, we advocate for trainees regarding all aspects of training, including rotations and certification, education and examinations, supervision and work-based assessments. We are always eager to be contacted by trainees to hear their experiences and to provide support and assist to resolve any training issues. Our hope is to provide trainees with a training experience that is fair, safe and enjoyable.

The College provides a number of online resources including knowledge guides that outline curricula for adult and paediatric basic training, College Learning Series (CLS) and cultural competency modules. We also encourage trainees to complete cultural awareness training through their workplace.

In addition to these resources, the College is running a lecture series locally (Basic Training Exam Prep Lecture Series) in preparation for the written exam. The topics in this series are aimed to cover areas trainees have identified as important gaps, or to expand on difficult topics.

The Committee invites any interested trainees to consider joining our team. In particular, we encourage members from paediatrics medicine with an interest in being a co-Chair. It is an excellent opportunity to advocate for your fellow trainees and to help shape the training experience for all. To apply, you must be working in the Northern Territory. Pease email or further information.

We encourage all trainees to continue supporting their colleagues and take good self-care. We understand the pressure of training, especially during examinations periods. We implore you to reach out to our team for any issue, big or small, so that we might be able assist.

Finally, we hope that all trainees have a wonderful 2022 and enjoy the privilege of living and working on this incredibly beautiful country.

Dr Johanna Moraes

NT Trainees’ Committee Co-Chair

Meet the Northern Territory Regional Committee Members 2022 to 2025

Dr Richard Budd – Chair – AMD, Respiratory & General Medicine

Richard BuddI am a specialist physician in respiratory and general medicine at Katherine Hospital in the Top End of the Northern Territory. I am the clinical lead for medicine and provide outreach services to all communities in the Katherine region. I provide clinical supervision for a team of junior doctors who care for a population with a heavy burden of social inequalities and chronic disease. I have formed close ties with primary care clinicians, in both Aboriginal and government organisations, through my outreach and telehealth work. I support education for medical students, junior doctors, and other healthcare worker colleagues, as well as speaking at educational sessions for general practitioners, nurses, and other community healthcare workers.

I have a keen interest in the role of the specialist physician, and an interest in the support offered by rural and remote healthcare providers. The majority of my patients identify as Aboriginal, and this has had a profound impact on my clinical practice and career pathway. I feel privileged to serve the communities in the Katherine region, and I hope I can advocate for them through the College, as well as support ongoing physician training in the rural setting.

Dr Felicity Hodder – Deputy Chair – PCHD, Oncology & Haematology

Felicity HodderAs a paediatric oncologist with over 30 years of experience, I decided on a sea change to a full-time digital health role in 2018 with Intersystems. I moved to the Northern Territory in October 2018 from Perth. We are implementing TrakCare (Acacia) an electronic medical record across the NT health ecosystem.

As a paediatrician, I am passionately interested in advocacy for children, particularly in the years zero to five years, and finding ways to keep them in school, active and safe. I was fortunate to experience early childhood advocacy in my role at California Children's Commission. My paediatric career started in the United States of America, and transitioned back to Perth in 2005. I also enjoy being involved with young clinicians, supporting their training, and inspiring them to find joy in paediatrics.

Dr Martin Veysey – AMD, Gastroenterology & General Acute Care Medicine

Martin VeyseyI am a Professor of Rural Medicine and consultant gastroenterologist and general physician at Royal Darwin Hospital. I also visit Alice Springs, Gove, and Katherine hospitals, along with remote communities, to provide outreach clinics and endoscopy services. I am keen to support rural practitioners provide care for their patients on country, and I hope to help develop a territory-wide service for gastroenterology and hepatology.

I am the Year 4 Topic Coordinator with Flinders University Northern Territory Medical Program and an active member of the College, where I fulfil the roles of a national examiner and Chair of the College CPD Committee. I am passionate about undergraduate and postgraduate education and ensuring access to all and appropriate delivery and assessment — whatever the setting. I hold honorary academic titles with Hull York Medical School, UK, and the University of Newcastle, NSW.

My clinical and research interests include luminal gastrointestinal disease, colorectal cancer, molecular nutrition, and medical education and I have published extensively in these areas.

Dr Suddy Venkatesan – AMD, Infectious Diseases

Suddy VenkatesanAs a specialist physician in infectious diseases and general medicine, I am thankful for the opportunity to practise medicine in the amazing Northern Territory.

I am the current Clinical Lead for expanding the Hospital in the Home program in Royal Darwin and Palmerston hospitals, as well as Co-Clinical Lead for Year 3 Medical Students in the Adult Medicine Division. I am interested in highlighting the social determinants of health that exist in our community. I am also interested in supporting trainee and Fellow wellbeing, and I am eager to contribute to medical education in the NT at a micro and macro level.

Dr Adrian Pokorny - AMD, Medical Oncology

Adrian PokornyAs the Clinical Lead in Oncology at Alice Springs Hospital and having previously worked as a Staff Specialist Medical Oncologist at the Royal Darwin Hospital, my clinical position provides me with knowledge of the two largest hospitals in the NT, and experience in dealing with both Top End Health Service (TEHS) and Child and Adolescent Health Service (CAHS) governance procedures.

Additionally, I have a demonstrated interest in health policy and ethical practice, having recently submitted a PhD investigating relationships between the pharmaceutical industry and cancer physicians in Australia through the University of Sydney, and being a member of the economics sub-Committee of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC).

My interests are in enhancing the fundamental strengths and role of the College, advocacy, and Fellow and trainee support for the benefits of our local community and members.

Dr Rosalie Schultz – FAFPHM

Rosalie ShultzI am a general practitioner and public health physician, working as a Senior Medical Officer for Ngaanyatjarra Health, where I provide clinical leadership for the remote primary healthcare services for Aboriginal people of the Ngaanyatjarra lands, just over the Western Australian side of the NT/WA/SA border.

In 2019 I completed my PhD, entitled We're the backbone, not the backseat: Aboriginal insights into service provision for health and wellbeing. I am on the Board of Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities (AMRRIC) and actively involved with the College Policy and Advocacy Committee and Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA).

Dr James Dowler – PCHD, Paediatrics

James DowlerAs a general paediatrician and Head of the Department of Paediatrics at Alice Springs Hospital, I have lived in Alice Springs for the last seven years and enjoyed providing services to children and their families throughout Central Australia. My role has allowed me to advocate for equity in services for rural and remote clients, including access to neurodevelopmental and behavioural diagnostic services, and access to specialists.

In my current role, the importance of maintaining a sustainable and supported rural practice workforce has become a strong priority and I aim to push for ongoing recognition of our teams so that we are adequately funded and supported through government and administrative bodies.

Dr Kirsty Neal - AMD, Endocrinology

Kirsty NealAs an endocrinologist and general medicine specialist working remotely in Alice Springs Hospital, I am acutely aware of the specific challenges that face remote practitioners, and of the socio-cultural and geographical barriers when caring for our population — particularly our Indigenous population.

It is vital to be actively working on incorporating environmental and economic sustainability in the way we practise medicine to optimise and maintain resources. The extreme climate and geographical challenges that face communities in Central Australia highlights the importance of these issues on both a local and global front.

Dr Johanna Moraes – AMD, Co-Chair NT Trainees’ Committee Representative

Johanna MoraesI am a second-year general medicine Advanced Trainee at Alice Springs Hospital. I hope to complete dual training in general medicine and neurology, and work in these areas in the Northern Territory in the future. I feel incredibly privileged to live and work in the beautiful country of the Arrente people.

I am passionate about improving healthcare provision and systems, particularly in regional and remote communities. I am interested especially in Indigenous health, and the role of medical professionals in addressing the social determinants of health.

Ensuring local trainees are well supported and receive training and education comparable to metropolitan centres is integral to ongoing improvements in healthcare and outcomes in Central Australia and the Northern Territory. This would be an enormous step towards maintaining health professionals who are dedicated to improving health networks and provision of excellent health care locally.


We also welcome Dr Annie Kilpatrick – PCHD, Paediatrics, to the Northern Territory Regional Committee.

RACP Northern Territory member engagement activities – an update

Hello members,

Jake SawyerJake Sawyer here, the South Australian and Northern Territory Member Support Officer at the College.

Since the last update, the Basic Training Exam Prep series of lectures has begun. The first of the lectures was Antibiotics by Dr Lucy Crawford. The session was well attended with over 200 trainees from Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. The second of the lectures was Genetics by Dr Eryn Dow, and once again, was very well attended with over 150 people forming a bi-national audience. A big thank you to both Dr Lucy Crawford and Dr Eryn Dow for your generosity in volunteering your time and imparting your knowledge to trainees. It is invaluable and greatly appreciated.

There will be further lectures to come with topics, dates and times to be announced shortly. 

Once again, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or College-related matters I can assist with.

Jake Sawyer, Member Support Officer, SA/NT 


The RACP Trainee Research Awards 2022 are closing soon

Trainees and first year Fellows, this is your chance to be recognised for your research.

Would you like to have your research published in the Internal Medicine Journal or the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health? And to present alongside recognised researchers at RACP Congress 2023? This is your chance.

The RACP Trainee Research Awards are open and accepting submissions. Winners will be selected from each Australian state/territory and from Aotearoa New Zealand, and will be invited to present at next year’s Congress. Winners will also receive complimentary registration and travel to Congress, have their abstracts published in the Congress supplement of the journals, and present at a local awards event.

Trainees and new Fellows undertaking post-Fellowship training with the RACP are encouraged to apply.

For information about the awards and how to apply, visit the RACP Trainee Research Awards webpage. Submit your application by Wednesday, 31 August 2022, 5pm AEST.

Apply now

Online learning and resources – included in your RACP membership

online learningAccess an extensive collection of online learning resources designed to support your professional development and lifelong learning needs via the RACP Online Learning platform

A selection of our newest resources include the advocacy for physicians online coursegenomics for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, the digital health CPD primer, the cultural safety curated collection, and the medical standards for driving curated collection.

Fellows, don’t forget to claim CPD credits for time spent on RACP Online Learning.

You can also listen to our College podcast — Pomegranate Health — an award winning podcast about the culture of medicine.

Join the conversation on the ROC

ROCDon’t forget to log in to the ROC and join the conversation. The RACP Online Community (ROC) is a secure online forum where RACP Fellows and trainees can post topics and questions and start discussions with other members.

The ROC has a range of easy-to-use features to help you find and connect with your colleagues including:

  • Member Directory – allows you to search by name, location, Division, Faculty, Chapter, and/or specialty. It is the perfect way to chat directly with other members and expand your network of contacts across the membership.
  • Special Interest Directory – is a searchable database of members' special interests, their speaker presentations, published papers, and books. Simply fill in your special interest profile and explore the directory today.
  • Mentor Match – is an innovative tool that allows you to connect with other members, based on your mentoring preferences and professional goals. Register as a mentor or mentee and kickstart your mentoring relationship.

If you are new to the ROC, please take a moment to review our ROCTips. Our ROCTips are designed to help you navigate the ROC and answer any questions you may have. For more information regarding the ROC, please email Member Services.

Health and wellbeing

How are you?

Mental health copy Studies show that doctors are more hesitant to access support services than non-medical professional due to a fear of appearing weak or incompetent. Did you know the College has a wealth of free resources to support member wellbeing?

A host of support options for you and your colleagues are available on this webpage. You also have the option of numerous support services offering around-the-clock confidential phone support, strategies for self-care, eLearning resources and podcasts. Additionally, College members have shared their personal mental health journeys with the aim of providing support and reducing the stigma.

Help is available to you in many different ways. Please visit this webpage to see the range of supports available to you. You are never alone.

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  • New Fellows Forum — 13 October, 7pm to 8.30 pm AEDT
  • The RACP Health Reform Summit — 19 October, 9.30am to 4pm AEDT
  • Tasmanian Annual Physicians Conference and Tasmanian Trainee Research Awards — in person on 11 November

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Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm ACST

Where is the College located?

The SA/NT Regional Office is located at Suite 7, Level 2, 257 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide SA 5006

What is the contact number for the College?

Contact the Member Services team on 1300 697 227.

Where can I park at the College?

Two hours of street parking is available in Melbourne Street and all-day parking opposite the Old Lion Hotel (fees apply).

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For all room bookings, please contact the NT Office or phone 08 8465 0970.

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