South Australia - December 2022

A message from your Regional Committee Chair

Dr Rabin BhandariBack in October when the World Series was on, I watched Phillies and Astros tying at one-all. In 2019, Major League Baseball changed their nomenclature of what to call players injured and unable to play. For decades, it was the ‘DL’ (disabled list). Now it is the ‘IL’ (injured list), rightly so.

The League’s press release stated that using the term ‘disabled’ for elite athletes without an actual disability falsely conflated injuries with disabilities. I think this serves as an example of how evolving community standards are reflected in public organisations.

I would like to think that the RACP is at the leading edge of evolving community standards, but I am certain that there are many areas in which the College could be seen as reactionary rather than visionary. We, on the South Australian Regional Committee, would dearly like to hear from the members, whether Fellows or trainees, as to what areas of policy, advocacy, or training and education that you would like to see updated, changed, or kept intact.

As a side note, the Investigation into the Divisional Written Examinations held on 14 February 2022 has been published, and I would urge those of you with an interest to log into the College site to view the findings. 

Grainne Murray_Chris Picton_Rabin Bhandari croppedOn 24 November, Dr Gráinne Murray and I met with the Health Minister, the Honourable Chris Picton, MP. Gráinne is a new paediatric rheumatologist and works at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital (WCH) in Adelaide. Together, she and I spoke with the Minister about staffing and training at the WCH; specifically to ensure that there was sufficient education time and opportunity for the trainees at the hospital, as well as to discuss workforce issues. Our members had identified these key areas to us in the Regional Committee. We had a positive meeting. The Minister, Dr Murray, and I have agreed to keep in direct written contact. I am hopeful that there will be measurable success in the next short while to ameliorate the environment for the WCH medical workforce.

Please feel free to contact me via the SA Chair email with any concerns that you consider the RACP might be able to help with.

Cura ut valeas (take care of yourself),

Dr Rabin Bhandari   A.Mus.A, B.Med (Newcastle), FAFRM (RACP)
South Australian Regional Committee Chair 

Calling all PCHD Fellows in South Australia

Expressions of interest are open for PCHD Fellows based in South Australia to join the College Learning Series Committee (PCH).

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An update from your Regional Trainees' Committee

alyssa-and-james743aaeafbbb261c2b08bff01001c3177While the Christmas lights are on display in the shops, lots of things were taking place for trainees as we approached the end of the year. These included the Advanced Training Research Workshop and the final lecture series for Basic Trainee preparation. There is also a welcome to Advanced Training early in the new year.

The training space for RACP trainees is currently undergoing rapid change. The process of curriculum renewal, adjusting to the impact of COVID-19, and changes to examinations, are all areas where the trainee's voice is important.

If you are interested in having a voice in the College, we encourage you to consider joining the RACP South Australian Trainees' Committee. You are very welcome to attend one of our meetings as an observer to see how things work before committing.

We hope to see you at some of our upcoming events or one of our next SA Trainees’ Committee meetings.

Wishing you all the best,

Dr Alyssa Fitzpatrick and Dr James Johnston
South Australian Trainees' Committee Co-Chairs

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