South Australia - May 2022

A Message from your South Australian Regional Committee Chair

R Bhandari - SA ChairCongratulations to the new South Australian government. As the RACP South Australian Regional Committee, we are committed to working constructively with the new cabinet to continue to advocate for improvement in physician education and training, workforce planning, and (most importantly) health outcomes.

My mentor, when I started out in private practice, is a twin. He went into medicine with great intentions and continues to maintain extremely high standards. What I always remember was him showing me a contemporaneous photograph of both him and his identical twin brother. His brother, a schoolteacher, looked exactly the same in terms of build, expression, spectacles, even clothing. But my mentor looked about 15 years older. Everyone in the office who saw that photograph remarked on the contrast in age perception despite everything else being a facsimile. My mentor explained, patiently as always, that although medicine had given him a great career, salary, and satisfaction, it was obviously deeply stressful, even in the good times. I think we all need to remind ourselves that what we do as physicians is often very worrying, anxiety-provoking work, and that we need to take time for ourselves to address this. We also need to champion the cause of our newly minted and future colleagues to improve their career longevity. This cause has compelled me to keep serving in various RACP committees.

We need more input from our members, especially Fellows who have recently finished training, those in non-government roles, Faculty Fellows, and (crucially) our rural members. Diversity of experience and viewpoints are not only welcomed, but strongly encouraged. If you could find two hours for a remote meeting one weekday evening a quarter, we would love to have you apply to be a member of our Committee.

Dr Rabin Bhandari  A.Mus.A, B.Med (Newcastle), FAFRM (RACP)
Chair, SA Regional Committee

A message from the South Australian Trainees’ Committee Co-Chairs

Alyssa and JamesWhile words such as fatigue management, stress and burnout have been part of our collective medical lexicon for a while now, it is clear that there are still many more steps that need to be taken to ensure a sustainable medical workforce for the future. COVID-19 has exacerbated these issues and brought them further to the fore.

The SATC is an avenue for trainees to access support, and a forum to discuss system-wide issues impacting training wellbeing. We are currently recruiting for new members and would very much welcome hearing from you about joining the committee.

The SATC was delighted to be present at some of the virtual events for the new Basic Physician Trainees, and at the College Training Expo at the National Wine Centre. We are excited for upcoming events including the BT Exam Preparation Panel, and the Basic Trainee Exam Lecture Series. This will take the format of a series of lectures on some of the more challenging topics examined by the Written Examination.

For all those trainees sitting examinations this year, we wish you all the best in your preparations. Please reach out to any member of the SATC if we can be of some assistance in your training journey.

With best wishes,

Alyssa and James

Dr Alyssa Fitzpatrick and Dr James Johnston, Co-Chairs, SA Trainees’ Committee

Trainee in Focus – Dr Sadia Jahan

Sadia Jahan thumbnailTell us about yourself

I completed medical school in London, UK, and then came to Australia as a resident. I was in Canberra for BPT and started Renal Advanced Training in Brisbane. I finished Renal AT in Royal Adelaide Hospital and I am currently a Fellow in the same unit. I returned to work as the transplant registrar last week to fill in for some sick leave, and it felt like going back to the aspect of my job I loved the most in the last two years. It has always been the busiest term, which is probably why is it always eventful and exhilarating. Not a dull moment passes by when you are part of the transplant team.

The most rewarding aspect of my role

Being able to see a patient’s journey from crashing onto dialysis, to then receiving a transplant, no longer tied to a machine. To also be able to get to know a patient during their repeated hospital admissions and dialysis sessions to the point that they ask for you when they are in hospital. To be part of a team that is renowned in research and patient advocation and to be able to strive for further improvement in knowledge and patient care.

What aspects of your work make you want to get out of bed each morning?

I won’t lie, there are some winter mornings when getting out of bed takes an extra press of the snooze button– but to be able to see patients daily in the transplant morning clinic where you can see them improving steadily is a huge reward. To know that I am responsible for their post-transplant wellbeing encourages me to and give my 110% and some more.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

Transplant clinic is daily from 7.30am to 8.30am. Ward rounds come after this but can also be delayed for outpatient transplant biopsies. Daily lunchtime meetings ensure that I discuss all the patients through an MDT approach. In the afternoons, there are ad hoc reviews or teaching sessions/biopsy meetings. In the late afternoons/sometimes evenings begin the “tacrolimus round” where I check all the drug levels for the transplant patients who attended clinic in the morning and call them to change their tacrolimus dose over the phone. This allows me to find out how their day went, which is a bonus, greatly helping in getting to know patients well.

How do you manage work/life balance?

Work can get so busy that you wish there were 34 hours to each day. But this may be the reason why enjoying LIFE is crucial when not working. This is why going out to the beach that is only 15 minutes away, why resuming the search for the best doughnut in Adelaide, and why having a weekend away in the Adelaide Hills are precious. Korean series on Netflix also allows the mind to learn something new and different, and to destress. Colleagues become friends and catch-ups away from work flourishes productivity and enjoyment at work. Daily moments of meditation and light exercise help manage work/life balance, but most importantly, having a non-medical partner promotes the luxury of not comparing hospital stories over dinner. Together, we plan our next adventure, maybe in a different city or country

South Australia Honours, Awards & Recognition

Australia Day 2022 Honours List

The RACP South Australian Regional Office would like to congratulate the two RACP South Australian Fellows recognised in the Australia Day Honours List. These awards highlight the outstanding work RACP members do and the importance of that work in local, national, and international communities.

Member (AM) in the General Division


RACP Online Community (ROC) and Mentor Match

Welcome to the RACP Online Community (ROC)!

You will have seen correspondence from the College around the launch of our online community; the ROC. The ROC which provides RACP members with the opportunity to discuss topical industry news, to catch up with colleagues, and to keep abreast of College news and events. It can also be used to post questions, share comments, and start debates and discussions with members in Western Australia, as well as with other members from across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

We would encourage you to log into the ROC and take part in our online community.  

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Mentor Match at the ROC

Mentor Match is open to all members who would like to share their knowledge, expertise and advice with junior colleagues. You are invited to register as a mentor, and to watch this short video to see how easy it is to participate.

We will soon be inviting members to apply to be mentees. Please keep a look out for further information, and contact us if you have any questions.

Supervisor Professional Development Program Workshops

Supervisor Professional Development Program (SPDP) workshops provide supervisors with an opportunity to share their expertise with other supervisors and enhance and strengthen their supervisor skills. 

Register for a virtual, face-to-face, or online Supervisor Professional Development Program (SPDP) workshop.

RACP Online Learning

The RACP offers an extensive collection of online learning resources designed to support members with their professional development and lifelong learning needs. Resources cover a range of clinical and professional topics, including:

And more! Don’t forget to claim CPD credits for time spent on RACP Online Learning.

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Health and Wellbeing

How are you?

Studies show that doctors are more hesitant to access support services than the average person due to a fear of appearing weak or incompetent.

Did you know the College has a wealth of free resources to support member wellbeing?

Visit this webpage to see a host of options for your own support or for you to support a colleague. There are several services that offer 24/7 confidential phone support (some, such as Doctors Health SA, have other doctors providing this support), strategies for self-care, eLearning resources and podcasts.

There are also several member stories. RACP members have shared with us their personal mental health journeys in hopes of reducing the stigma.

Help is available in many different ways, please visit this webpage to see the range of supports available to you. You are never alone.

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2022 Margorie Hooper Scholarship Applications

Applications for 2023 funding open from Wednesday, 1 June 2022 to Monday, 25 July 2022.

The purpose of the scholarship is to help facilitate postgraduate study for a recipient outside of South Australia, to undertake further training in their field of medicine, and to provide stipend or project support. The scholarship is supported by a bequest from the late Margorie Edith Hooper, and has a value of up to $10,000.

Eligibility: Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Fellows and trainees of the RACP's Divisions, Faculties and Chapters who currently reside in South Australia.
Tenable: Anywhere outside of South Australia.

For further information see the RACP Travel Grants webpage.

SA Health Update

Don’t forget to register for ScriptCheckSA!

It is expected that it will become mandatory to use ScriptCheckSA next year, so register today to access real-time information to help you make safer decisions when prescribing or dispensing monitored drugs. More information about ScriptCheckSA can be found here and questions can be sent to

Free online training and resources to assist health practitioners to understand and interpret the information in ScriptCheckSA are available. This training has been tailored for the specific needs of prescribers. Register now.

Real Time Prescription Monitoring Project Team, SA Health

Upcoming events

Workshop: Evidence-based Practice for Improving Quality (EPIQ) Saturday, 25 June at 8.30am to 3.30pm ACST.

Join us for this quality improvement workshop to understand its value within healthcare settings. This workshop will be held in-person at the RACP Adelaide Office, 2/257 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide*.

The Evidence-based Practice for Improving Quality (EPIQ) workshop uses a hands-on approach that enables teams to successfully implement quality improvement (QI) together.

This workshop incorporates a series of 10 steps that build a team's understanding of QI using evidence-based tools and realistic improvement opportunities. The workshop's collaborative approach parallels the team-based nature of healthcare, giving groups the language, skills, and tools needed to carry out their first improvement project.

The learning objectives are that participants, using simulated or real-life quality improvement opportunities, will be able to:

  • use QI tools effectively.
  • plan QI activities in their facilities and communities.
  • improve their ability to work effectively and collaboratively within a team.

This workshop will be presented by Associate Professor Amy Keir (SAHMRI) and hosted by the RACP South Australian Regional Committee.

Click here to register

 The Event Partner for this workshop is the Medical Indemnity Protection Society.

* In-person events may be switched to a virtual format depending upon COVID-19 restrictions. Any changes to the format of this event will be communicated to you at the earliest possible time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the opening hours of the SA/NT Regional Office?

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. This is unchanged as staff work from home due to COVID-19 measures.

Where is the SA/NT Regional Office located?

The SA/NT Regional Office is currently closed to members and staff are currently working from home. However, the address is: Suite 7, Level 2, 257 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide SA 5006

What is the contact number for the SA/NT Regional Office?

You can reach our office on (08) 8465 0970 or Member Services on 1300 697 227.

Where can I park at the SA/NT Regional Office?

Two-hour street parking is available in Melbourne Street and all-day parking opposite the Old Lion Hotel (fees apply). A reminder that the office is currently closed.

How do I book a meeting?

Although the office is currently closed due to COVID-19, we can assist you with booking virtual meetings. Please email us or call 08 8465 0970.

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