Victoria — November 2018

A message from your Victorian Regional Committee Chair

2018 has been a busy year for our Committee. On top of a lot of internal and external advocacy work, including our Election Statement for the upcoming State election which features below, the Committee has also overseen several events for our members.

From the College Learning Series aimed at trainees through to the Continuing Education Workshops and Victorian Further Education and Training (FEAT) program for our Fellows.

This edition’s Victorian Spotlight section features an article on Dr Muhammad Javaid who is a nephrologist and general medicine physician at Mildura Base Hospital. If you have a service or member you would like to nominate to be the feature for the Victorian spotlight section, please let us know.

As usual, we are always on the lookout for interesting content and how we can better support the Victorian members through local activities. Please send us your feedback and suggestions.

I would like to sign off by wishing a happy and enjoyable festive season and new year to all of our RACP Victoria members from the RACP Victorian Regional Committee.

Professor Judy Savige FRCP FRACP FRCPA PhD MSc Dip Mgmt
Chair, Victorian Regional Committee

Victorian spotlight — focus on members and services 

Doctor Muhammad Javaid began working as a nephrologist and general medicine physician at Doctor Muhammad Javaid Mildura  Base Hospital in March 2018. Following his basic and specialist medical training in the UK, Dr Javaid has held consultant positions at the Dartford and Gravesham National Health Service (NHS) Trust and the National University Hospital Singapore. During his time in Singapore, he also acted as Assistant Professor of Medicine at the National University of Singapore.

The RACP Victoria team caught up with Dr Javaid to learn more about his work.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your role?

I enjoy getting to know my patients and dealing with a mix of cases, including chronic and acute illness and diseases. Patients are similar to the UK but more accepting of the help – very much so compared to Singapore. 

What aspects of your work make you want to get out of bed each morning?

I enjoy the feeling of making a difference, teaching and mentoring the next generation of specialists. I like working with patients who challenge me and navigating the complexities that come with what we do as medical professionals. 

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

Life is laid back in Mildura. I do handover at 8am then do ward rounds for a couple of hours. I assist the dialysis unit by answering questions and have various meetings. Four days a week I run afternoon clinics and am grateful to have supportive colleagues. I am on-call one weekend every four to five weeks and there is a great work-life balance.

How do you manage work/life balance?

There’s no traffic, amazing places, national parks, rivers and wineries around. Adelaide is a four-hour drive away. The community is friendly. My son has made plenty of friends at school. I’m looking to join a boating club and enjoy getting out in nature. Mildura is a good size city and everything you need is here. 

Are there any patient success stories that you can share?

Patients with advanced kidney failures were transferred to Melbourne from Mildura when I started my role. We have been able to start looking after some of these patients locally within our intensive care unit and have started to provide intermittent haemodialysis for patients with an acute kidney injury. This is an exciting new development for our local patients and the hospital, and we will be working to expand and consolidate the service in the coming months. In the last couple of months, we have prevented transfers of eight to nine patients with good outcomes.

Is there anything else you would like to share with readers?

  • Telehealth plays a large role in regional areas.
  • There is potential for the current hospital to expand and huge potential in nephrology for growth.
  • From a training point of view, after experiencing UK and Singapore, there is a great opportunity in Mildura. Trainees get to see everything and in general medicine there is much exposure that you wouldn’t get access to in larger hospitals.
  • There’s a manageable volume of patients.
  • Mildura is a great place for studying exams, there’s less pressure and more on the job training.   

Prioritising health at the 2018 State Election

In the lead up to the upcoming Victorian State Election, to be held on Saturday, 24 November, the RACP Victorian Regional Committee will be releasing an election statement advocating for development of evidence-based health policies shaped by clinical expertise and experience.

The Committee’s statement will outline policy priorities the incoming government should address to ensure the healthcare system operates at a world-class level and delivers the health outcomes needed by current and future generations. 

Keep an eye out on the RACP Victorian Regional Committee web page to view the shortly to be released election statement.

Support #KidsOffNauru

The RACP has signed onto the Kids Off Nauru campaign and we encourage our Victorian members to consider supporting this campaign. It urges Australian Parliamentarians to support the immediate transfer of all refugee and asylum seeker children, and their families, from Nauru to Australia for health reasons.

You can get involved on social media or with direct advocacy.

On social media, you can print this social media sign, photograph yourself holding it and then post it on social media with @racp and  #doctorsforasylumseekers, #auspol and #KIDSOFFNAURU. Check out this social media kit for more information.

In addition to social media, you can write to or meet with your local Member of Parliament (MP) to advocate on this issue. You can use this template letter and Refugee and Asylum Seeker health position statement when writing to your MP.  The Tips for meeting with MPs resource  and RACP Advocacy Framework can assist with productive meetings. If you do meet with your local MP, please let us know by emailing

Updates from your Victorian Tasmanian Trainees' Committee (VTTC)

The VTTC represents all Victorian and Tasmanian trainees and  advocates at a state and national level in a number of domains including training, assessment, education, promoting research, professional development and workforce. It also advocatesfor trainee wellbeing and provides an unbiased forum for trainees to raise their issues and concerns. If you would like to speak to one of our committee members directly please view the current membership list and contact details. Alternatively, you can bring anything to the attention of the committee by emailing

Trainees go to Auckland

I was very excited to be shortlisted to present at the RACP Trainee Research Awards for Victoria. The presentations were excellent, in both Paediatric and Adult Medicine. The research covered many areas including antibiotic resistance, use of SmartWatches to monitor for arrhythmias, genetics of psychiatric disease, and impact of socioeconomic circumstances on paediatric renal disease. It was fascinating to see how much RACP trainees are doing outside of their clinical work – or rather to complement it!

Dr Jessica Fairley
Advanced Trainee

Congratulations to Trainee Research Award winners

The Victorian RACP Trainee Research Awards were held on Wednesday, 10 October at the RACP  Dr Natalie Morgan (left) and Dr Jessica Fairley (right)  Melbourne office. An amazing 40 abstracts were submitted and six finalists were chosen to present their abstracts at our event, which was well attended by Victorian Regional Committee members, Fellows and trainees, families and friends.

While all of the presentations were of a very high standard, after some extensive deliberation by our judging panel Dr Jessica Fairley (pictured, top right) was adjudged the winner in Victoria in the field of adult medicine
research for her abstract Magnesium Status and
Magnesium Therapy in Cardiac Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Focusing on Arrhythmia Prevention

Dr Natalie Morgan (pictured, top left) was adjudged the winner in Victoria in the field of paediatric medicine research for her abstract A Whole of Country Analysis of Antimicrobial Stewardship Resources, Activities and Barriers for Children in Hospitals in Australia. Dr Fairley and Dr Morgan (pictured below receiving their Awards from Professor Judy Savige) will receive return flights, registration and three days accommodation to attend RACP Congress  in Auckland in May 2019.

TRA VIC presentation

Are you a New Fellow or soon will be?

Our free upcoming New Fellow and Advanced Trainee Forum will assist you with the transition from being a trainee into Fellowship. It will be held on Saturday, 24 November at the RACP Victorian office. Rural and remote members can attend online.

Presenters are still being finalised, but topics to be explored include:

  • Private practice and maintaining hospital links
  • Should I do a PhD?
  • Medical legal aspects
  • Finance for the physician
  • Physician/trainee wellbeing
  • Managing the transition from trainee to Fellow
A workshop on cultivating self-awareness is included and participants will be provided with materials to support their journey into Fellowship. This session begins with a light breakfast at 9am and finishes at 2.30pm. 

More information can be found on the event page. To register your interest email

Diabetes course opportunity

The Diabetes Academy's What’s new in diabetes course provides an evidence-based update for clinicians Diabetes - Vic on the novel medications and emerging technologies that are available to improve outcomes in people with  diabetes.

This e-learning has recently been updated with enhanced interactivity. As you read through the course material, you will now find multiple choice questions, reflections and examples you can complete. You can find further information about the course online.

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