Western Australia - December 2022

A message from your Regional Committee Chair

PK LohWelcome to the second eBulletin of the Western Australian Regional Committee for the term 2022 to 2025. The Committee has a broad range of representatives from the various Divisions, Faculties and Chapters in the College.

The Committee is currently developing its' workplan for 2022 to 2025, and all members are encouraged to contact us via RACPWA@racp.edu.au with any recommendations or issues you feel should be a priority for the Western Australian region of the College.

The College’s strategic plan will form the basis of our regional workplan, with the WA Regional Committee expressing a specific interest in:

  • highlighting sustainability and environmental issues
  • rural and regional workforce issues
  • Indigenous physician workforce issues.

The Western Australian Regional Committee has a number of vacancies, and we would encourage all members to consider joining. Representation from our Paediatric colleagues would be particularly appreciated. Express your interest in joining the Committee.

Our current Regional Committee Members are:

  • Dr PK Loh, AMD (Chair)
  • Dr Kevin Tan, AFOEM
  • Dr Emma-Leigh Synnott, AFRM
  • Dr Phillipa Edmiston, Trainee Rep PCHD
  • Dr Sophie Alcock, Trainee Rep AMD
  • Dr Tony Mylius elected member. AMD
  • Dr Veronica Hoad, AFPHM
  • Dr Helen Van Gessel, AMD (Deputy Chair)
  • Dr Thisuri Jayawardena

Dr PK Loh
Western Australian Regional Committee 

An update from your Regional Trainees' Committee

The Western Australian Trainees' Committee’s portfolio includes providing a forum for the trainee members of the College in WA to contribute to the functioning of the College. The Committee is the principal organiser of the Basic Training Orientation and the Advanced Trainees' Forum, which are held annually.

The Committee is also the principal advocate for Western Australian trainees and can be contacted for any queries or concerns. The Co-Chairs of the Western Australian Trainees' Committee are Dr Sophie Alcock (Adult Medicine) and Dr Phillipa Edmiston (Paediatrics & Child Health).

Trainees who have concerns about their progression through training should contact the WA Regional Office.

Dr Sophie Alcock and Dr Phillipa Edmiston
Western Australian Trainees' Committee Co-Chairs

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