College Council Communiqué October 2018

Read the highlights of key issues discussed as part of the 02-2018 meeting, held on 4 October 2018 in Melbourne, Victoria.

For many Council members, this was the first meeting of their term, and the following new members are warmly welcomed:

Professor Tim Geraghty, AFRM
Dr Chris Pearson, ChCCH
Professor Cheryl Jones, Infectious Diseases & Microbiology
Dr Pamela McCombe, Neurology
Dr Adrian Lee, NSW/ACT region
Professor Paul Colditz, Paediatrics & Child Health Division
Associate Professor Nicholas Buckmaster, QLD region
Dr Catherine Hill, Rheumatology
Dr Davina Buntsma, Trainee
Dr Helen Rhodes, WA region
Professor Judith Savige, VIC region

Our ongoing thanks also goes to Council members continuing in their term of office:

Dr Beata Byok, AFOEM
Professor Don Campbell, General & Acute Care and Adult Medicine Division
Dr Angela Dos Santos, ATSIHC
Associate Professor Eddy Strivens, Geriatric
Adjunct Associate Professor Kees Nydam, Addiction Medicine
Professor Basil Donovan, AChSHM
Dr David Farlow, Nuclear Medicine
Dr Fergal O'Donoghue, Sleep Medicine
Associate Professor Phillip Parente, Medical Oncology
Associate Professor Peter Poon, Palliative Medicine
Dr Rajesh Raj, TAS region
Associate Professor Linda Selvey, AFPHM
Dr William Stevenson, Haematology
Dr Robert Tait, NT region
Dr Girish Talaulikar, Nephrology
Laureate Professor Nicholas Talley, Gastroenterology
Dr Tane Taylor, MHC
Dr Robert Van den Berg, SA region
Dr Kathy Wu, Clinical Genetics

A number of vacancies remain on the College Council:

Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine
Adult Medicine Division
General Paediatrics
Immunology and Allergy
Neonatal and Perinatal
New Zealand region
Paediatric Emergency Medicine
Respiratory Medicine

If you are interest in representing any of the following, email for further information.

On behalf of the Council, thank you to our previous Council members, your participation and contribution has been greatly valued. Particular thanks to Associate Professor Alasdair MacDonald who Chaired the Council since its inception in 2015, and Professor Cathy Choong who served as Deputy Chair of the Council for a number of years.

The purpose of the day was firstly to discuss Council business, including the appointment of a Chair and Deputy Chair and secondly to discuss the College’s strategic goals against the current Board priorities and for the Council to consider critical issues facing the College now and into the future. In summary:

  • I am honoured to inform the Membership that I have been appointed as Chair of the College Council (Dr Matthew Strack – Dermatology) and pleased to announce Associate Professor Nicholas Buckmaster as Deputy Chair (QLD Region).
  • The Council has made a number of amendments to its By-law for recommendation to the Board, the object of which are to modify the responsibilities of the Council, emphasise a broader role, increase a two-way nature of the Council and the Board (particularly on functional matters) and provide clarity in its role. The updated By-laws will be posted on the College website following Board consideration.
  • Council members have discussed the possibility of establishing an Executive Committee to meet in the intervening periods between Council meetings in order to enable the work of the Council to continue in a timely manner, ensuring all requirements are actioned as needed. This will be discussed further at the next Council meeting.
  • The Council discussed the possibility of the College supporting and working to implement affirmative action for Indigenous employment for RACP Trainees, Advanced Trainees and Fellows.
  • The Council supported the exploration with ACCRM, the RACGP and RNZCGP on the establishment of a Diploma qualification in General Internal Medicine for regional and rural GP’s.
  • The Council has asked for advice on the progression of recommendations within the Future of the Faculty Report (AFPHM).
  • The Council broke into small group discussions for an in-depth analysis with the six College goals, with each group considering one of the goals. The groups were asked to consider if the goal remained fit for purpose for the future, and strategies that we would like to see under these goals.
  • Following a report provided by each group, a draft Strategy will be written, with ideas and discussions from the day incorporated. The Strategy will be available to the Membership prior to the end of 2018.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact

Dr Matthew Stack, Chair
College Council

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