College Trainees' Committee communiqué October 2019

The following Communiqué highlights the key topics discussed as part of the 04-2019 College Trainees' Committee meeting, held on Thursday 31 October 2019.

Entry into Basic Training

The Committee received an update on the entry in to Basic Training project and were advised that our College has established a working group to review options and make recommendations for improving entry into Basic Training.

Computer Based Testing

Our College has developed a project plan for the re-implementation of Computer Based Testing (CBT) which has been approved by the Board. A CBT Working Group has also been established to scope and provide guidance and advice on the re-implementation of computer-based testing for RACP examinations. We are fortunate to have two trainee representatives from our College Trainees Committee on the CBT Working Group who are ensuring trainee concerns are raised and addressed.

Education Renewal

The Committee received an update on our College’s Education Renewal project and were advised that implementation of the new Basic Training Program will begin in 2020 with select early adopter training sites. Configuration of the technology to support the Basic Training Program has commenced and trainees and supervisors will be involved in testing prior to its release.

Our College has also commenced a renewal program of the 38 existing Advanced Training curricula with consultation held on the draft common curricula standards in October.

College Learning Series (CLS)

There is continued progress on the CLS with nine dedicated Paediatric lectures now available. Our College is working closely with DPEs across states to produce a comprehensive Paediatrics series.

Pulse Survey

An anonymous pulse survey was held in November to understand more about trainees’ recent experiences of the interview process. Feedback from the survey will be used to target future actions on interview practices during selection and will build on the guidance information our College provides to Fellows involved in selection and recruitment.

Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing remains a priority area for trainees. The Physician Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2019-2021 was approved at the July Board meeting, and the Physician Health and Wellbeing Reference Group has been established to oversee its implementation.

Trainee in Difficulty Support Policy Consultation

The CTC was asked to provide feedback on the current trainee in difficulty support policy. Specific issues that were raised included the need for continuity of support through supervisors as a trainee rotates, issues with raising concerns regarding a training environment at a local level, and vulnerable groups including overseas trained physicians/International Medical Graduates and rural/remote trainees who should be offered specific and pro-active support. The connotations associated with the term ‘Trainee in difficulty’ may be a barrier to trainees accessing it, and will be reviewed.

It was noted that many trainees are unaware of the support policy and pathways to access it, so distribution once the policy has been revised is of importance.

Dr Davina Buntsma, Chair
College Trainees' Committee
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