College Trainees' Committee communiqué June 2018

Read about the latest key highlights from the 02-2018 College Trainees' Committee meeting, held on 28 June 2018.

CTC Membership

As the new Chair, Dr Davina Buntsma thanked the outgoing Chair and Deputy Chairs and shared her vision for the Committee during her term. Dr Buntsma advised the Committee that it is an opportune time to be involved in the Committee and improve trainee experiences. It is important to recognise that it is ‘Our’ College and that we need to be proud of being part of this community and have a sense of belonging in order to make a positive impact.

The CTC considered Expressions of Interests (EOIs) for a New Zealand, Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine and Tasmanian representative on the Committee and endorsed the appointments to be recommended to the Board for approval.

The Committee were requested to consider the following requests from other College Bodies for trainee representatives:

  • Paediatrics & Child Health Division Council – two trainee representatives
  • Fellowship Committee – Chair or nominee of the CTC.
  • College Education Committee – one Advanced Trainee nominated by the CTC
  • College Policy and Advocacy Council – one trainee representative

Nominations will be sent to the relevant College Bodies once nominations are endorsed by the CTC.

College Learning Series Update 

The RACP is introducing an interactive online College Learning Series (CLS) that will complement the revised Basic Training curricula. This will build on the Physician Education Program (PEP) lectures. The 2018 Adult Medicine lecture program began recording on 1 February, with quality-assured content being uploaded from 1 March. A Paediatrics program has yet to be developed, but planning is underway.

Improvements are continually being made to the platform and trainees are encouraged to contact to provide feedback to further develop and enhance the CLS.

Basic Training Learning, Teaching, and Assessment Structure

The RACP has developed a new curriculum model for Basic Training, containing three components:

  • Curricula standards (Competencies, EPAs, and Knowledge Guides) - signed off and to be assessed beginning in 2020 in the Divisional Written Exams.
  • Learning and teaching program
  • Assessment program

Further development of the proposed structure for learning, teaching, and assessment in Basic Training is underway. The Curriculum Development team is conducting targeted reviews to provide feedback on the structure which is anticipated to conclude at the end of July. 

A frequently asked question (FAQ) register is being compiled to ensure that likely queries from the users of the new curricula may be resolved.

College Examinations

There was an increase in the number of trainees eligible to sit to sit the clinical exams in

2018. To accommodate additional trainees, the timing and dates for the Adult Medicine Clinical Examination were extended by one week. The College has been working with local health services to accommodate the extended timeframe. Adult Physician Trainees acknowledged that timelines for job applications often fall within the exam period adding extra pressure during their preparation and the CTC will prioritise assessing ways to improve this for trainees. 

The Committee discussed the 2019 Divisional Written Examination, further details of this exam are published on the College website. The new knowledge guides will not form the basis of the 2019 Written exam but provide a good resource to assist with preparing for the exam. 

The CLEAR marking scheme will be trialled alongside the current marking rubric during the 2018 clinical examinations to provide comparative data. The College will undertake rigorous analysis of the new marking scheme to ensure it is an effective and fair process prior to planned introduction in 2019.

2018 Trainees’ Days

The trainees involved in organising Congress Trainees’ Day 2018 were thanked and congratulated on delivering a successful event. Although attendance at the event was below expectation, the program was well received and feedback was very positive. The CTC were advised that the New Zealand Trainees’ Day held on 7 April in Queenstown was a big success and attracted 97 attendees, a significant improvement from NZTD 2017. Feedback from the event reported that attendees were very pleased with the experience in relation to the speakers, venue/catering, relevance and communication. The CTC congratulated the New Zealand Trainees’ Committee on organising a very successful day and encouraged them to continue their great work to improve and manage this event. The CTC will review the format of Congress Trainees’ Day at their next meeting and discuss plans for 2019 Trainees’ Day to be held in New Zealand.

Dr Davina Buntsma, Chair
College Trainees’ Committee
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