College Trainees' Committee communiqué March 2019

The following Communiqué highlights the key topics discussed as part of the 01-2019 College Trainees' Committee meeting, held on Friday 29 March 2019.

CTC Membership and Representation

The Committee welcomed its new members and was pleased to see that all the Divisions, Faculties, regions and New Zealand were represented and in attendance. It was the last meeting for Dr Rihan Shahab who stepped down from the CTC as she has completed her training. Dr Shahab was thanked and acknowledged for her invaluable service, commitment, and achievements over the past three years as a representative and advocate for trainees.

Trainees’ Day

The Committee discussed Trainees’ Day and was reminded that New Zealand Trainees’ day was to be held on 6 April at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Queenstown. The Committee also discussed changing the format and delivery of the annual Trainees’ Day to ensure it meets the intended purpose and is beneficial to trainees. Members were requested to discuss this proposal with their respective Trainees’ Committees and provide advice to the CTC on how to progress with a new model.

College Learning Series (CLS)

The Paediatrics CLS program is currently in development with three states initially contributing lectures. It is anticipated that the first Paediatric content on the CLS will go live mid-2019. The CLS currently holds over 300 lectures with the 2019 AMD program commencing on 7 March. Trainee representatives will be sought for the CLS Coordinators Group whose role will be to work with members to develop content for the CLS AMD program. The feedback on the CLS has been positive particularly from rural/remote trainees.

Education Renewal

The Committee received an update on the Education Renewal projects including the Training Provider Accreditation Renewal (TPAR) project, the new basic training program and the new resources the College has drafted to support local selection into training.

Our College recently completed its first Physician Training Survey across Australia and New Zealand which asked trainees and educators questions about their workplace training experiences. The surveys are aligned to the new Training Provider Standards and provide a picture of training across the training environment, training oversight, training support and curriculum implementation. Results are being collated and a dashboard is being developed to support the membership in understanding the findings from the surveys.

The new Basic Training Program will be incrementally implemented from 2020 through an early adopter model within select networks. Our College has also commenced a renewal program of the 38 existing Advanced Training Curricula and is working closely with Fellows and trainees to develop the initial elements of the programs.

The Committee was presented with guidelines for training providers on Local Selection for training that will form part of a wider range of resources intended to provide College training providers and Members with support and guidance on expectations of their local selection and recruitment activities for selecting trainee physicians into vocational training roles. The resources offered will allow training sites or networks flexibility and control over the selection process and employment decisions according to their needs.  

Advanced Trainee Selection and Matching (ATSM)

An alternative service to ATSM will be provided by the College while a possible longer-term solution is identified. A user group has been established that consists of representative from the specialty groups who used ATSM in 2018 and the CTC has nominated a trainee representative to participate in this groups.

Divisional Written Exams

It was confirmed that the 2020 Divisional Written Examination will be a paper-based examination delivered on Monday 17 February 2020. The Committee discussed the possibility of offering multiple examinations and was advised that the College is in the process of building a bank of exam questions as a step towards this.

Physician Health and Wellbeing

The Chair of the Physician Health and Wellbeing Reference Group (PHWRG) Dr Beata Byok attended the CTC meeting and provided an update on the progress of the Reference Group and Physician Health and Wellbeing Strategy. The PHWRG will continue to work with the CTC to develop and implement the health and wellbeing strategy and ensure the trainee voice is represented.

Dr Davina Buntsma, Chair
College Trainees' Committee
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