College Trainees' Committee communiqué October 2018

The following Communiqué highlights the key topics discussed as part of the 04-2018 College Trainees' Committee meeting, held on Thursday 25 October 2018.

Conversations with the Board event

The Chair attended the ‘Conversations with the Board’ event in Melbourne where she requested an update on the independent report on the Divisional Written Examination. The Board advised they were expecting to receive a report soon and reassured members that they are aiming to be as transparent as possible with regards to the Divisional Written Examination investigation.

Trainees are encouraged to attend the ‘Conversations with the Board’ events when they are hosted in your local settings as it is a good opportunity to meet the Board, receive updates and ask questions.

Trainee Representatives

Congratulations to Dr Kathryn Forwood who has recently been appointed as Deputy Chair of the College Trainees Committee (CTC). The CTC now has a full Executive Committee which comprises of the Chair and two Deputy Chairs.

The CTC would also like to congratulate the following members who have been appointed as trainee representatives to their respective College Bodies. These appointments have been sent to the Board or the respective Committees for approval:

  • Dr Alan Huynh (Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine – AFOEM representative) on the CTC
  • Dr Laksmi Govindasamy (Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine – AFPHM representative) on the CTC
  • Dr Kristen Lindsay on the College Policy and Advocacy Committee (CPAC)
  • Dr Davina Buntsma and Dr Kathryn Forwood on College Council
  • Dr Davina Buntsma on the Fellowship Committee

2019–2020 Work Plan

The Committee took the opportunity to discuss and finalise the 2019 – 2020 CTC work plan. The workplan has been developed to include initiatives to improve the support for and engagement with trainees which the Committee will work to deliver over the next two years.

The CTC will be reviewing of the annual College Trainees’ Day and hopes to work with the Regional and New Zealand Trainees’ Committees to improve its value and delivery. The CTC will also be working to improve the visibility of our College trainee representatives and ensure trainees are aware of the work the CTC and College are doing to advocate for and support trainees.

Trainee Fees Infographic

The Committee reviewed and provided feedback on the draft trainee fees infographic that has been developed to provide transparency on how trainee fees are being expended. The Committee has been in collaboration with the College in the development of this infographic and anticipates it will be finalised and published by the end of 2018.

College Learning Series (CLS) Update

The Committee received an update on the CLS and was informed a new coordinators group for the Adult Medicine CLS program has been established to develop a 2019 program. There is ongoing work with the Directors of Physician Education to develop a paediatrics program, and this has been identified as an area of priority by trainees.

The Committee was asked to provide feedback to the current Adult Medicine Division (AMD) program and was advised that trainee representation on the CLS Program Group was being sought to ensure the program has appropriate content and remains relevant.

Member Journey Mapping

The Committee was provided with an update on the Member Journey Mapping Project and were advised that the future state maps will be available for review at the next face-to face meeting in 2019. Overall, the Committee provided positive feedback, acknowledging that the project captures what trainees want and how they would like to interact with their College. Issues that remained significant for trainees were setting, tracking and meeting goals, and career planning. It was advised that in addition to the future state maps, various other new initiatives, for example a live chat function on the College’s website, will continue to evolve.

RACP Evolve

The Evolve initiative is led by physicians and the College and aims to ensure that every patient receives the tests, treatment and/or procedure that they need. The initiative drives high-value, high-quality care in Australia and New Zealand by identifying a specialty’s top five clinical practices that are underperforming or harmful to keep focus on high standards and consistent safety within the industry. The College is encouraging Advanced Trainees to develop and conduct research into new Evolve initiatives as part of specialty training.

Dr Davina Buntsma, Chair
College Trainees' Committee
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