Trainee News December 2018

Message from the Chair of the College Trainees' Committee

At the recent Board 'Meet and Greet' in Melbourne we raised important trainee relevant issues including: the Ferrier Hodgson Report, frequency and timing of examinations, the need for a Paediatric Lecture Series, training assessments and communication. Read the Board’s responses in the October 2018 Board Communique.

We have expressed trainees’ widespread disappointment and frustration that the findings of the Ferrier Hodgson report are not yet available and support the Board’s ongoing commitment to transparency, open discussions and process improvements.

I encourage you to complete the Physician Training Survey. It's an important 15 minutes, providing confidential feedback to shape your training experience so please complete this via your individual link before 9 December.  

We’ve collaborated to create a more detailed Basic Training fees spending breakdown. This will continue to be improved and updated so let us know where you want further detail and we’ll do our best to provide it. 

New strategies to improve communication have been implemented including a LiveChat function on the RACP website. There are further plans to continue increasing engagement through face to face events, a new member enquiry specific phone line and a feedback and complaints framework. 

We’ve raised concerns regarding fair hiring practices, the Advanced Training Selection and Matching system, and trainee wellbeing and working conditions. RACP has taken a pro-active role in advocating to health services on these issues and they will remain a priority in 2019. 

A new marking scheme for the 2019 Clinical exam has been approved. Learn more about the Divisional Clinical Examination purpose and marking criteria.

Congratulations on nearing the end of another training year. Remember that it’s not uncommon to feel fatigued and burnt out at this time. Try to check in on your own wellbeing, access the help or leave you need, and spend some time with friends and family over the holiday period. 

Dr Davina Buntsma
College Trainees’ Committee

Examination updates

Up to date information regarding the 2019 Divisional Written Examination is now available including the Instructions to Candidates, frequently asked questions and venue information. Please check this page regularly for any updates.

Physician Training Survey closing soon

The deadline for the Physician Training Surveys has been extended to Sunday, 9 December 2018, to accommodate for the busy end of year period. The RACP wants to hear about your training experiences and this is your opportunity to tell us what you think.

To thank you for your participation, by completing the survey you will be entered into the prize draw to win one of two 256GB iPads.

Read the Physicians Training Surveys Prize Draw Terms and Conditions.

Register now for RACP Congress 2019

Join colleagues from Monday, 6 to Wednesday, 8 May 2019 at the Aotea Centre in Auckland, New Zealand, for RACP Congress 2019. As the premier annual event on the RACP calendar, Congress includes the College’s convocation ceremony as well as a diverse program with topics that span the breadth of the medical industry.

Key topics for 2019 include:
• Life course theory ‘How do we impact health along the life course?’
• Obesity: rising to the challenge
• First 1000 days and non-communicable diseases
• Medically unexplained symptoms master class
• Mental health and addiction of patients
• Chronic disease and integrated care

More program information coming soon.

Early bird registration for RACP Congress 2019 closes 22 February 2019.

Training Requirements for 2018 and applications for 2019 

The deadline for 2018 annual training requirements are coming up and online registrations for the 2019 clinical year are open.
Certification of the training year depends on successful completion of training requirements.
Online registrations for Basic Trainees can be found on the Basic Training Handbooks.
Please note the following dates for your training area and region:
Basic Trainees (NZ)
2018 Training requirements are due by Thursday, 20 December 2018
Annual registrations close Thursday, 31 January 2019
Basic Trainees (AU)
2018 Training requirements are due by Thursday, 31 January 2019
Annual registrations close Thursday, 28 February 2019
Advanced Trainees are asked to review their specialty webpages for relevant deadlines and details on how to submit training requirements and applications.
If you have any queries or concerns contact:
Basic Trainees Australia:
Basic Trainees New Zealand:  
Advanced Trainees Australia: 
Advanced Trainees New Zealand:

New approach for 2019 Divisional Clinical Examination scoring

A new approach to scoring candidates’ performance in the Divisional Clinical Examinations was approved by the College Education Committee on 2 November 2018. The way that candidates need to prepare for the examination has not changed: candidates still need to demonstrate the same skills and competencies as they have in past years.  The Divisional Clinical Examinations will continue to consist of two long cases and four short cases involving real-patient situations.  

The changes in 2019 will include:
• a clarified examination purpose, and definitions of the long case and the short case
• improved scoring guides for examiners that link the purpose of the exam to the candidate scores and guide the application of a new six-point scoring scale
• a score combination grid to combine each candidate’s scores for the long cases and short cases, determining their overall pass/fail outcome.

Details of the changes for the 2019 Divisional Clinical Examination, scoring guides, videos explaining the new approach, and examples of how the score combination approach works, along with other information, is available on the RACP website’s exam information page.

Chapter of Community Child Health Satellite Day: Trainee Presentations

If you’re a trainee who has completed research in Community Child Health, or a Fellow with research undertaken as a trainee in the last five years, the Chapter Satellite Day is a great opportunity to showcase your research and presentation skills. 

The Chapter of Community Child Health Committee is seeking abstracts from interested trainees and new Fellows to present at the Chapter Satellite Day on Sunday, 5 May 2019 at the Aotea Centre, Auckland. This is not a competition but an opportunity to share your findings and receive feedback from senior Community Child Health Fellows. 

Abstracts must align with Community Child Health and be on work:

• undertaken in Australia and/or New Zealand 
• relating to children with special needs, or population paediatrics in one the following categories:
      - child development and behaviour
      - child disability
      - child protection
      - child health surveillance and screening
      - health promotion
      - health protection and disease control.

Trainees may use their Rue Wright Memorial Award submissions for consideration for presentations. However, as Satellite Day presentations are not a competition, there will be no winner on the day. All presenters will receive a certificate. 

There will be time for four presentations and the format will be 12 minutes for the presentation and up to three minutes of questions.

Abstracts must be submitted to by no later than Thursday, 31 January 2019.

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