College Trainees' Committee communiqué August 2017

Read about the latest key highlights from the 03-2017 College Trainees' Committee meeting, held on 7 August 2017.

Trainee Representation on College Committees

There are currently a number of vacancies on the CTC. The CTC considered an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the Northern Territory position on the CTC and endorsed the appointment to be recommended to the Board for approval. 

The Committee discussed the importance and value of trainee input and representation on College Bodies and considered a draft letter to assist trainee representatives to obtain employer support to attend College meetings. The Committee agreed the letter was beneficial to ensure employers understand the benefits of trainee participation in College meetings as well as the expected duties and responsibilities of members on these Committees.

The Committee considered a request from the College Assessment Committee (CAC) for a representative to provide a trainee perspective and strategic direction on College assessment standards and policies. The Committee agreed to promote this position to each of their respective regional and state Trainees’ Committees. The opportunity for non-Board Director trainee representatives to provide valuable input into the Physician Health and Wellbeing and the International Strategy Reference Groups established by the Board to implement their respective College strategic initiatives were also discussed by the Committee.

The Committee discussed the College’s Governance Reform and its implications on the CTC. The amendment to the College Constitution approved by the Membership in May 2017, leading to the reduction in the size of the Board will change how the trainee Director position on the Board is selected, with this position now being elected by the wider Membership rather than appointed by the CTC. It was proposed that the trainee Director on the Board be appointed as an ex-officio member on the CTC to ensure a continual link between the Committees. The Committee discussed that there is a need for trainees to engage with the upcoming elections and support a candidate that would be suitable for the trainee Director position on the Board. CTC also discussed how to better liaise with the Australian Medical Association Doctors in Training Council (AMADITC) and New Zealand Medical Association Doctors in Training Council (NZMADITC).

Trainee Wellbeing

The Committee reviewed a draft letter to the College Education Committee (CEC) that outlines wellbeing recommendations from discussions at the April CTC meeting. It was suggested that the letter include reference to the use of site accreditation and the annual trainee survey to influence the provision of safe and nurturing working and training environments as well as acknowledge the College’s continual efforts to respond to trainee health and wellbeing concerns.

Trainee Communication and Engagement

The Committee discussed the College’s approach to communicating with trainees, the impact it has on College perception and suggestions to improve the communication strategy to better engage trainees with the College. The Committee agreed that improvements with trainee communication can be achieved through the use of social media, positive communication strategies and using trainees to promote College activities and initiatives. 

The Committee noted the statistics for the Trainee News e-bulletin and discussed options for the third edition. Potential content for the next edition was considered such as the inclusion of a good news story outlining developments within the College, interviews with Members to get an insight into their journey and experience with the College and articles with a trainee voice. 

Education Updates

The Committee received an update on the review of the Special Considerations for Assessment Policy. A Working Group of the College Education Committee had been appointed to lead the revision process and have developed a draft policy that incorporates a broader scope to include work based assessments, clarification on possible application outcomes and increased transparency and accessibility by separating and streamlining the policy and process.

The Committee provided feedback in relation to temporary impairment during exams and how this affects trainee exam fees and attempt status. The Committee was encouraged to provide any further feedback on the policy via the survey link by 18 August 2017. 

Trainees’ Day 2018

The Committee noted that Trainees’ Day 2018 is scheduled for Sunday 13 May 2018 which will precede Congress 2018 at the International Convention Centre Sydney from 14 – 16 May 2018, registrations due to open in early October 2017 along with Congress registrations. Opportunities to align the Trainees’ Day program with the theme of Congress were discussed, along with the development of a “Champions Kit” to assist the promotion of Trainees’ Day and Congress. It was acknowledged that there are a number of College events occurring on the same day that may impact Trainees’ Day 2018.

The Committee agreed to form a working group to develop the program for Trainees’ Day and anticipate that the first meeting of the working group will occur in September.

College awards

The Committee noted that nominations are open for a number of College awards. Members were encouraged to promote the awards and encourage other trainees to nominate suitable candidates for these awards. Nominations are open until 25 September and detailed information is available on the College website.

Dr Tina Marinelli, Chair
College Trainees’ Committee
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