College Trainees' Committee communiqué February 2017

Read about the latest key highlights from the 01-2017 College Trainees' Committee meeting, held on 22 February 2017.

Physician Self-Care and Wellbeing eLearning Resource

The Committee was provided with an overview of the design, development and implementation of a range of online learning resources developed by the College. The College recently conducted research into eLearning best practices and produced the eLearning Futures report that includes a range of recommendations, all of which have been implemented. Since the implementation of these recommendations, the College’s eLearning resources have increasingly received positive feedback.

In 2016 six resources were developed, one of these was the Physician Self-Care and Wellbeing resource. This was developed to address the demands of training and working in the medical profession and its direct impact on physician wellbeing.

A more detailed presentation on the eLearning resources will be provided at the April meeting. 

Trainee wellbeing

The Committee discussed the issue of trainee wellbeing, the initiatives being scoped by the College to address this, and avenues through which the Committee can contribute to a coordinated College approach and promote available support services to trainees. 

The College has the opportunity to make a significant contribution to supporting physician and trainee wellbeing. There are a number of support resources available and initiatives already underway. Opportunities are being explored to expand on existing work to promote wellbeing and support those in difficulty, particularly in the training environment. From this discussion, the Committee agreed that a number of potential activities should be investigated before being brought to the Board

Trainee Bulletin 

The Committee reviewed the readership statistics compiled for the Trainees’ eBulletin over 2016. The statistics demonstrate that the click through rate has increased significantly from the 1st edition to the 4th edition in 2016 and that open rate has also continued to rise. 

The Committee discussed potential content for the second 2017 edition of the Trainees’ Bulletin and agreed that the new research guidelines and the previously discussed Physician Wellbeing eLearning resource would be suitable topics.

New Fellows Working Group Update 

The Committee noted an update from the first meeting of the New Fellows Working Group (Working Group) held on the 19 January 2017. The Working Group discussed current resources available for new Fellows, a survey of new Fellows undertaken by the Australasian Chapter of Palliative Medicine, involvement in the development of a Podcast about transitioning to Fellowship, and a potential collaboration between the College and The Private Practice.

The 2017 New Fellows event was also discussed at this meeting. The event will be a pilot, and may be adapted as regional events in the future. It will be held on Sunday 7 May 2017 prior to Congress. 

The next meeting of the Working Group is scheduled for 12 April 2017. An updated list of resources for new Fellows is being prepared prior to this meeting, and discussions will continue regarding the types of support and services which should be made available for this cohort.

Examinations Update 

The Committee noted the 2017 examinations calendar, the first round of Division and Faculty examination application being open, minor changes to Multiple Choice Question examinations and that Candidates re-sitting Divisional Clinical Examinations in 2017 will not be requested to sit in New Zealand.

Dr Tina Marinelli, Chair
College Trainees’ Committee
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