Trainee News – September 2017

College Trainees' Committee Chair update

The RACP is a diverse organisation, with trainees and education at its core. In addition, the RACP is becoming a strong health advocate with recent successful campaigns such as banning alcohol advertising during live sports and is developing a strong philanthropic focus particularly with regards to our South Pacific neighbours. Despite these wonderful achievements, it is not uncommon for us to hear “what does the RACP actually do?”

Communication with trainees is a focus for the College Trainees' Committee. We obviously don’t want trainees to be bombarded with endless emails, so we’re continuing to work with the RACP to improve communications so that we all have access to the information that we want and need in a timely and easy to access fashion.

Social media is an ingrained part of life for many of us and is thus an ideal communication tool for many. The RACP Trainees' Facebook page has been up and running for one year now. At the time of writing the page had 976 members, which is 12 per cent of the total trainee membership (8,093 at 30 June 2017). I would like to encourage you to use this online community to share your ideas and experiences with your fellow trainees as well as communicate with and ask questions of the RACP.

There has been a lot of action in the doctor health and wellbeing sphere recently. Mandatory reporting laws for doctors are in the spotlight as a major deterrent for doctors seeking help for mental health conditions. With the support of the Australian Medical Association, we hope to achieve consistency and clarity in mandatory reporting laws to ensure that doctors seek and receive the treatment and support that they need during times of increased stress and mental illness.

The RACP is in the process of setting up a Health and Wellbeing Working Group, which will help to guide the College’s policy and direction with regards to doctor’s health. There are many complex and interrelated issues that contribute to the wellbeing of doctors, hopefully we can begin to see the training colleges, employers, government and various other stakeholders working together to achieve a healthier medical community. You can find information on health and wellbeing on the RACP website at

On the education front, I am excited about the launch of the new bi-national College Learning Series in 2018. 

The election process for the smaller, skills-based RACP Board will begin soon. The Board is the steering wheel for the College, providing leadership and strategic direction. Please take the time to participate in the elections, learn about the candidates and vote. This is your opportunity to help to direct the future of your college.

As always, feel free to contact us with your ideas, comments and concerns via email at
Dr Tina Marinelli
College Trainees' Committee Chair

Computer-based testing: Sample exam now available

Eligible trainees can now access sample exams that will help them become familiar with the new computer-based testing format for the Divisional Written Examination. We have developed two sample exams: one for Adult Medicine, and one for Paediatrics & Child Health.

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news-pomegranate-healthTransitions to Fellowship – Podcast

On this episode of Pomegranate Health, four Fellows recall their unique experiences on making the ​change from trainee to Fellow and how they maintain a healthy balance within and around their careers.

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NZTraineeDay2018RACP New Zealand Trainees' Day 2018: registrations open

In 2018 the RACP New Zealand Trainees' Day will be held in Queenstown on Saturday, 7 April.
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Learning Needs Analysis tool

We are pleased to advise your new and improved Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) tool will be available on your training portal from Tuesday, 19 September.

The LNA has been revised in response to user feedback and we have introduced the following, new, user-friendly features:

  • ability to focus on your individual learning goals
  • a proficiency rating system that focuses on objective assessment
  • fields pre-filled with your details
  • condensed and simplified questions
  • improved instructions, additional information and examples to help complete questions
  • capacity for more than one supervisor to be added to your LNA
  • ability to amend the LNA until completion of Part 2.

The launch date was selected to minimise impact to trainees given rotation schedules and submission trends.

You can find information on how to use the new LNA tool on the RACP website or on your training portal

If you have any questions, please contact the College via or on 1300 697 227 (AU) or 0508 697 227 (NZ).

Upcoming RACP events

The College hosts a number of free events throughout the year that are open to Fellows and trainees alike.

Upcoming events include:

Keep an eye out in the President's Message and your Division or Faculty ebulletins for future events.

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Are you on Facebook?
Connect with your peers on the RACP Trainees' Facebook Group

Over 9​70 trainees have joined the RACP Trainees' Facebook Group, regularly posting thoughts, ideas and links to interesting articles.

The purpose of the group is to provide a space for trainees to meet and share their experiences, tips, events and ideas with each other as well as receive information relevant to trainees from the RACP.
The page is a closed Facebook group, only accessible to RACP trainees. It’s your own place to meet online and swap news and views.

To join the group click ‘join group’ on the group page, then email your MIN to the RACP’s social media co-ordinator at Once your RACP membership has been confirmed, you will have access to the group and can post. 

Please bear in mind when posting, that Facebook’s rules regarding comments apply, and that doctor-patient confidentiality must always be preserved.

WebinarSpecialty society webinar recordings online now

Trainees from all RACP Divisions, Faculties and Chapters can access recordings of specialty society webinars online.

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Indigenous Health Scholarships – Applications open soon

Applications for the Indigenous Health Scholarships will open on 1 October 2017

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Scongress2018ubmit your poster for RACP Congress

RACP trainees are eligible to submit a poster abstract for RACP Congress 2018.

Trainees in ​Adult ​Medicine and ​Paediatrics & Child Health are eligible to submit for Best Poster Prizes. 

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RACP Awards and Prizes – nominate today

The RACP is now accepting nominations from trainees for a number of awards and prizes, including:

Share your story

Each RACP trainee is experiencing their own unique training journey – some trainees have moved to new areas to undertake training, others are pursuing research opportunities while others may be completing training while raising a family or caring for an ill family member. 

Share your story with other trainees and help build and support the trainee community. Whether you are a Basic Trainee still deciding what specialty to pursue or an Advanced Trainee approaching Fellowship, your story is important.

Email to get in touch.

Expressions of interest

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Tell us what you think: Introducing training provider standards

The proposed standards will ensure that workplace training develops highly skilled physicians who deliver safe and effective healthcare to patients, now and into the future.

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