Paediatric Research Committee 2019 Mid-Year Communiqué

Key activities

  • The PRC have finalised the Paediatric Academic Pathways document; this was launched as part of the “Hot Science: How I got here” session at RACP Congress 2019 in Auckland, New Zealand. The document is now available on the RACP website. Plans are underway to create a video resource based on the document; we will advise members when this is available.
  • The PRC has committed to greater engagement with the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health (JPCH), scheduling the submission of a number of research-related articles by the end of 2019. This is part of a broader plan of paediatric research promotion which includes highlighting research initiatives and resources via the PCHD newsletter and other avenues as opportunities arise.
  • The PRC is committed to encouraging all PCHD members to complete the RACP’s workforce survey to ensure that extensive and current data sets are available to inform future workforce planning.

PCHD awards

  • Professor Lex Doyle gave the Howard Williams Medal oration for 2019 at RACP Congress on Monday, 6 May 2019. The oration was entitled “A career in neonatal research – really?” and you can watch the recorded presentation here.

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Further to the new members welcomed to the committee in the last Communiqué, I would like to welcome Dr Anne Morris, who joined as the APSU Representative in March 2019 when Dr Suzy Teutsch stepped down from this position. I would like to thank Dr Teutsch for her contributions to the committee.

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Useful links

Resources available to our members include step by step guide on how to develop a research project, a Translation Toolkit, a Measures Library, and a guide to conducting Systematic Reviews:

Australian Paediatric Research Network research resources
Australian Paediatric Surveillance Unit systematic literature review resource
RACP Research Curated Collection

Your feedback and queries are always welcomed. Please get in touch at

Professor Harriet Hiscock, Chair
Paediatrics & Child Health Division Research Committee
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