PCHD Basic Training Committee 2015 communiqué

The PCHD BT Committee was formally established in early 2015, with its inaugural meeting held in Sydney on 16 March 2015. The Committee oversees implementation of College Education Policies in the Paediatrics & Child Health Division Basic Training program nationally including accreditation, examinations and supervision; working collaboratively with Directors of Paediatric Education and relevant New Zealand Committees.



This Committee reports to the Paediatrics & Child Health Division Education Committee (PDEC).

The Committee consists of 12 members including representatives from Written & Clinical Examinations, Site Accreditation, Directors of Paediatric Education, New Zealand, Basic Training Curriculum Review Working Group and Basic Trainees.


Policies in Development/under revision

The Committee receive regular updates and are providing advice as required on the development of College Policy on Capacity to Train and Selection into Training.

We will also be providing feedback on the proposed changes to the revised Flexible Training and Progression through Training policies, and encourage the membership to do the same.

Time limit to complete

Basic Training A communication has been issued to all Paediatric Trainees who are nearing the time limit to complete Basic Physician Training, outlining their outstanding training requirements. Trainees are encouraged to be mindful of all College requirements and deadlines.

Basic Training Curriculum Review

The Committee supports the concept of Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) and views them as a valuable, positive tool for the development of trainees. We receive regular updates on the College-wide curricula renewal project and provide advice to the working group as required.

2017 PREP Program Requirements

The Committee is currently reviewing the 2017 PREP Program requirements and will communicate forthcoming changes in due course. This will be carried out in consultation with the PDEC.

Recognition of Prior Learning

The Committee has reviewed and approved a total of 9 cases in 2015 under the revised RPL policy.

Training Support

The Committee monitors trainees who may be in difficulty due to workplace related issues and/or due to multiple exam failures. For 2015-16 we are overseeing a project in conjunction with the College Training Support Unit to assess approximately 107 Paediatric Basic Trainees who have failed either the RACP Divisional Written or Clinical Examinations 2 or more times.

It is recognised that multiple unsuccessful attempts at examinations may be a flag for other training difficulties. The objective of the project is to work with these trainees and their supervisors and ensure they are provided with resources to better prepare for the exams and identify and remediate any workplace difficulties within an appropriate timely manner.

The Committee has had an eventful 2015 and is looking forward to another industrious year in 2016.

Clinical Associate Professor Sean Beggs FRACP, Chair
Paediatrics & Child Health Division Basic Training Committee
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