PCHD Basic Training Committee 2017 communiqué

Education Renewal Projects

The Committee has been briefed on education renewal projects and has provided feedback on practical ways to implement these projects, with a key focus on technology, to help ensure these projects are successfully implemented.

We look forward to providing further input on the learning, teaching and assessments program for the recently approved Basic Training Curriculum, the Selection into Basic Training Pilot and development of the Accreditation Review. We are also pleased to see that the revised Special Consideration for Assessments Policy has been approved, and will take effect in 2018. We encourage DPEs and trainees to refer to this policy as required.

The College Learning Series project is underway with the aim to provide supportive and high quality digital material to trainees. We anticipate this project will provide a national lecture series in Paediatrics, which is currently in development.

The introduction of 2018 computer-based exams for the Written Examination is a significant milestone and we wish trainees all the best for this upcoming exam.

See Education Renewal for more information.

2019 PREP program requirements

The Committee works closely with the New Zealand Paediatrics & Child Health Division Education Committee to align program requirements, where possible. Work has started on the 2019 Handbook and both Committees are reviewing program requirements. A paper will be presented to the PDEC for ratification, in due course.

Trainee Support

The Committee works with all Director of Paediatric Education who require support and/or advice regarding their respective trainees and workplace issues. We continue to monitor trainees who may be in difficulty, in consultation with the Training Support Unit.

We encourage trainees to be mindful of RACP requirements and deadlines for completing their training requirements. Annual reminders have been sent to paediatric trainees who are nearing the time-limit to complete Basic Physician Training.

The Recognition of Prior Learning Assessors has reviewed 18 cases in 2017, of which 12 were approved. This is under the revised Recognition of Prior Learning Policy.

The Committee has had an industrious year and is looking forward to another busy year ahead. My final term as Chair on this Committee comes to a close this year; and I'd like to thank my fellow colleagues on their continued contribution and support. It has been a pleasure working with each and every single one of you and wish you all the best.

Clinical Associate Professor Sean Beggs FRACP, Chair
Paediatrics & Child Health Division Basic Training Committee
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