PCHD Council 2017 mid-year communiqué

Read about the latest key activities of the Paediatrics & Child Health Division (PCHD) Council for the first half of 2017.

Key activities

  • With changes to the RACP Board taking effect from May 2018, the PCHD Council continues to consider and plan for effective communication channels from the PCHD Council to the Board.
  • The PCHD Council welcomes the PCHD findings of the RACP member engagement survey undertaken in 2016, noting improvements over the last twelve months in member satisfaction with a number of areas such as policy and advocacy and communications. The PCHD Council works towards contributing towards continued member satisfaction.
  • Planning has commenced on a PCHD Engagement and Communication Plan, the aim of which is to ensure a continued clear identity and purpose for the division, support a valued membership and enhance communication within its membership.
  • The Model of Collaboration continues to be progressed with fifty one specialty societies, nineteen of which have a relationship with the PCHD.
  • Preparation has commenced towards advocacy campaign on inequities in child health. The campaign will include the upcoming publication of the Inequities in Health Position Statement.
  • Sustained media coverage was received on the impact on children of alcohol sponsorship and advertising in sport.
  • The General Paediatrics EVOLVE list was published in November 2016 and implementation strategies are now being formulated. Three further paediatric lists are in development - neurodevelopmental and behaviour, endocrinology and neurology.
  • The PCHD Council and Committees have provided feedback on a range of consultations and RACP submissions.
  • Further details on key activities of the PCHD President and Council will be shared through Pot-pourri in the coming months.


The PCHD Council met face to face on Thursday 23 February 2017 and via teleconference on Wednesday 12 April 2017. The next meeting is on Thursday 22 June 2017 followed by a joint meeting with specialty society representatives on Friday 23 June 2017.


The PCHD Council welcomes Professor Harriet Hiscock as Chair of the PCHD Research Committee, effective 9 May 2017. Thank you to Professor Paul Colditz for his leadership of the PCHD Research Committee and significant contribution to College research strategy and developments during his time as Chair. Professor Colditz remains on the PCHD Council as the President-Elect.

RACP Congress 2017

Thank you to Dr Jolene Fraser, the PCHD representative on the Congress Organising Committee who has organised an exceptional PCHD stream. Thank you to Associate Professor Michael Gabbett, Lead Fellow of the Congress Organising Committee for his outstanding contribution and commitment to this important College activity over the last three years.

Congratulations to Professor Elizabeth Elliott, recipient of the Howard Williams Medal 2017 and all the recipients of paediatric RACP awards in 2017.

PCHD Committee communiqués

For information on key activities of the PCHD Committees, please visit their pages:

Member contributions

I would like to thank PCHD Council and Committee members for their time, commitment to College activities and their contribution to a range of matters related to the health and wellbeing of children and young people.

Contributions to the PCHD Council, committees and associated activities are welcomed. Please submit feedback and questions to paed@racp.edu.au

Dr Sarah Dalton, President
Paediatrics & Child Health Division
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