PCHD Council 2018 mid-year communiqué

Read about the latest key activities of the Paediatrics & Child Health Division (PCHD) Council for the first half of 2018.

Key activities

  • Outgoing PCHD President Sarah Dalton completed her Presidency at the PCHD Annual Members Meeting on 15 May at Congress.
  • I am pleased to begin my term as PCHD President from May 2018 – May 2020 and welcome Professor Catherine Choong as President-Elect for this time.
  • The Inequities in Child Health position statement was launched at Congress on 14 May 2018 with National Children’s Commissioner, Mrs Megan Mitchell.
  • The Early Childhood and Indigenous Child Health position statements are on track to launch in 2018.
  • Draft Model of Collaboration agreements are currently under development with thirteen paediatric speciality societies.
  • Work continues for the PCHD Council and Committees to develop a paediatric narrative and suggested taglines which articulate the Division’s identity and purpose.

RACP Congress 2018

I would like to thank Dr Nicholas Wood, and Dr Margie Danchin, the PCHD representatives on the Congress Program Committee for their efforts in developing the paediatric program for the May 2018 Congress. RACP Congress 2019 will be held in Auckland, New Zealand. Register your interest on the RACP Congress website.

PCHD award winners at Congress

  • Best Poster Prize in Paediatrics & Child Health: Dr Jonathan Kaufman - Liquid Gold: The Cost Effectiveness of Urine Sample Collection Methods for Young Pre-continent Children.
  • Rue Wright Memorial Award: Dr Anthea Rhodes - Child mental health literacy among Australian parents: a national study.

Trainee research awards at Congress


Dr Bernadette Prentice: Hyperglycaemia on continuous glucose monitoring correlates with pulmonary inflammation in young children with cystic fibrosis.


Dr Nicholas Fancourt: Chest radiograph findings in childhood pneumonia cases from the multi-site PERCH study.


Dr Yassmin Musthaffa: Changes to Thyroid Function following Growth Hormone Therapy in children with Prader-Willi Syndrome.


Dr Sally Kellett: The Oxford IGA MEST score is associated with worse kidney outcomes in childhood onset Henoch Schonlein Purpura Nephritis.


Dr Katrina Hannan: Sleep Help@Home. Targeted Behavioural Interventions to Improve Sleep Problems in Children and Reduce Tertiary Outpatient Waitlists: A Pilot Randomised Controlled Trial?


Dr Sarah Rumore: Degree of C3 Depletion as a Prognostic Factor for Apsgn in Children in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia.


Dr Nicola Culliford-Semmens: The New Zealand Familial Echo Study revels high prevalence of rheumatic heart disease amongst parents and siblings of children with rheumatic fever: Echocardiography should be offered to first degree relatives.

Dr Jin Russell (2017 winner but could not attend at that time): Cumulative Socioeconomic Disadvantage increases the risk of multi-morbidity in early childhood.

Policy and advocacy

The PCHD Council and Committees have provided feedback on many significant policy and advocacy matters.

Most recently the RACP recently made a submission to the National Children’s Commissioner report: Australia’s progress in implementing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children. Following this the RACP had representation at the National Children's Commissioner's Sydney Roundtable to discuss the extent to which Australia is progressing or not progressing in terms of implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child. This is a prime example of the work we can achieve in PCHD policy and advocacy and we will continue to further our reach and influence.

I would also like to highlight the RACP Submissions and contributions:

  • Consultation on the Australian Draft National Alcohol Strategy 2016 - 2018, February 2018
  • Endorsement of ACSQHC position statement on paediatric prescribing, March 2018
  • PCHD submission to the revised National Guideline on the Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Australia, April 2018
  • Telethon Kids Institute - Australian Healthy Skin Consortium – Endorsement of ‘National Guideline for the Prevention, Treatment and Public Health Control of Impetigo, Scabies, Crusted Scabies and Tinea for Indigenous Populations and Communities in Australia – 1st edition’, April 2018
  • RACP submission to Developing a National Strategic Approach to Maternity Services consultation, June 2018

A full list of position statements, submissions and all related media over the past year can be viewed in the PCHD Policy & Media Outputs and media releases.

Council meetings

The PCHD Council met via teleconference on Thursday, 15 February 2018. We held our annual joint specialty society representative meeting on Thursday 14 March 2018 followed by business as usual meeting on 15 March 2018. The PCHD Council is scheduled to meet on the following dates in 2018:

  • Thursday 26 to Friday 27 July (face to face)
  • Wednesday 24 October via teleconference


I would like to welcome the current PCHD Council members who have been elected for the period May 2018 – May 2020:
  • A/Prof Michael Gabbett
  • Dr Mark Davies
  • Dr Elizabeth Pickford
  • A/Prof Julie McGaughran
  • A/Prof Nitin Kapur
  • Dr Niroshini Kennedy
I would also like to welcome Dr Pat Tuohy as Chair, PCHD Policy & Advocacy Committee and appointed member of the PCHD Council. Other appointed members continuing in their roles are:
  • Prof Harriet Hiscock, Chair of PCHD Research Committee
  • Dr Chris Pearson, Chair, Chapter of Community Child Health
  • A/Prof Paul Fullerton, Chair, PCHD Education Committee
  • Dr Rod McClymont, Chair of Chair, Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine Committee

PCHD Committee communiqués

For information on key activities of the PCHD Committees, please visit their pages:

Finally, your feedback and contribution to the PCHD Council, Committees and their associated activities is very much encouraged. Please do not hesitate to get in touch via paed@racp.edu.au

Professor Paul Colditz, President
Paediatrics & Child Health Division
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