PCHD Education Committee Communiqué April 2017

Read the highlights for key issues discussed at the Paediatrics & Child Health Division Education Committee (PDEC) meeting, held on 10 March 2017.


The PDEC would like to welcome Dr David Rogers, who has been appointed as the new Accreditation Lead on the PDEC, and Dr Annaleise Howard-Jones who has been appointed as the Basic Trainee Representative.

Current membership of the Paediatrics & Child Health Division Education Committee:

  • A/Prof Paul Fullerton, Chair
  • Dr Hala Katf, Deputy Chair / Advanced Training Committee Delegate (General Paediatrics)
  • Dr Raewyn Gavin, Chair, NZ PDEC
  • Clinical Prof Sean Beggs, Chair, Basic Training Committee
  • A/Prof Susan Moloney, Overseas Trained Physicians Delegate
  • Dr Nicholas Cheng, Continuing Professional Development Delegate (outgoing)
  • Prof Peter Procopis, Continuing Professional Development Delegate (incoming)
  • Dr Mike Nowotny, Assessment Lead
  • Dr David Rogers, Accreditation Lead
  • Dr Christopher Pearson, Advanced Training Committees Delegate (Community Child Health)
  • Dr Sarah Jamison, Advanced Training Committees Delegate
  • Dr Pita Burch, Advanced Training Committees Delegate
  • Dr Annaleise Howard-Jones, Basic Trainee Representative
  • Dr Melanie Fentoullis, Advanced Trainee Representative

Clinical Examination

The College Education Committee (CEC) has recently approved a new marking system for the clinical exam. The new marking scheme is a banded approach, with a numerical combined score of both long and short case scores. The new marking scheme may be trialled this year. Trainees who are borderline will still receive feedback as per previous process.

Basic Training Curriculum

Due to the length of the Basic Training Curricula Renewal Project, PDEC have recommended that the Knowledge Guides that have been developed as part of the new Basic Training Curriculum (BTC) should be released early as it is a comprehensive list of topics that Trainees need to acquire by the end of training and will be extremely useful to Trainees. This has been taken into consideration by the BTC project planning group and further details regarding the proposed timeline for delivery will be confirmed shortly.


The PDEC discussed succession planning and extensions to terms of office. PDEC understand the need, on occasions, for an extension of term to retain corporate knowledge, however, PDEC encourage ATCs to ensure a continued turnover of Committee Members, even after being given an extension of term(s).

Advanced Training Committees Annual Reports

The PDEC would like to thank the ATCs for their Annual Reports. They discussed each one individually and will follow up on specialty specific matters with the relevant ATC.

In their Annual Report, the ATC in Neonatal Perinatal Medicine highlighted the potential need for alternate qualifications (e.g. Diploma/Masters) to address workforce issues and allow overseas trainees to be recognised for work that they complete in Australia. The College Board is exploring the feasibility of developing alternate qualifications and further updates will be provided as they become available.

The PDEC also discussed the importance of Trainees completing Mini CEXs on a regular basis and confirmed that they do not have to be completed by their nominated Advanced Training supervisor. This information has now been included in the Advanced Trainees Newsletter.

eLearning – Research Supervisors

The PDEC discussed training for supervisors of advanced training research projects. The PDEC were informed that e-Learning have recently set up a working group to look at building an eLearning resource on 'Research supervision: the art of supporting clinical research'. The PDEC have recommended that this should also include the marking of projects.

Associate Professor Paul Fullerton, Chair
Paediatrics & Child Health Division Education Committee
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