PCHD Education Committee Communiqué December 2016

Read the highlights for key issues discussed at the Paediatrics & Child Health Division Education Committee (PDEC) meetings, held on 10 October and 11 November 2016.


The PDEC would like to welcome Prof Peter Procopis, who has been appointed as the next Continuing Professional Development Lead.

We would like to sincerely thank Dr Nicholas Cheng, Dr Chris Ryan and Dr Lucy Cain for their invaluable input to the activities of the PDEC over the course of their terms. We would like to wish them the very best in their future endeavours.

The PDEC is currently seeking Expressions of Interest for a Basic Trainee Representative. If you are interested in this position, email pdec@racp.edu.au for further information. The application period will close on 6 January 2017.

Current membership of the Paediatrics & Child Health Division Education Committee:

  • A/Prof Paul Fullerton, Chair
  • Dr Hala Katf, Deputy Chair / Advanced Training Committee Delegate (General Paediatrics)
  • Dr Raewyn Gavin, Chair, NZ PDEC
  • Clinical Prof Sean Beggs, Chair, Basic Training Committee
  • A/Prof Susan Moloney, Overseas Trained Physicians Delegate
  • Dr Nicholas Cheng, Continuing Professional Development Delegate (outgoing)
  • Prof Peter Procopis, Continuing Professional Development Delegate (incoming)
  • Dr Mike Nowotny, Assessment Lead
  • vacant, Accreditation Lead
  • Dr Christopher Pearson, Advanced Training Committees Delegate (Community Child Health)
  • Dr Sarah Jamison, Advanced Training Committees Delegate
  • Dr Pita Burch, Advanced Training Committees Delegate
  • vacant, Basic Trainee Representative
  • Dr Melanie Fentoullis, Advanced Trainee Representative

At this time of the year, we would like to thank all members of the PDEC and its subcommittees for their involvement – especially those who travel great distances to attend meetings, such as members from Western Australia and New Zealand.

Basic Training Curriculum Review

Feedback was sought from the College membership and external stakeholders on the draft standards for the revised Basic Training Curriculum for Paediatrics & Child Health between August and November 2016. Feedback was collected online through the College website and during numerous face-to-face consultation sessions held in training settings across Australia and New Zealand. This feedback will be compiled into a report which will be available for distribution in early 2017.

The next steps for the curriculum review will be incorporating relative feedback into the draft standards and developing a teaching and learning program and assessment program. Preliminary discussions have been held between the Chairs of the Paediatrics Basic Training Curricula Review Working Group, the Paediatrics Basic Training Committee, the Paediatrics Assessment Committee and PDEC to consider how best to move forward with these developments, as well as ongoing roles and responsibilities. These plans will be determined in early 2017 across joint workshops with members of the aforementioned committees.

Advanced Training Research Project Requirement

The Advanced Training Research Project Requirement will be introduced across the majority of Advanced Training programs from 2017. The PDEC would like to remind trainees and supervisors to familiarise themselves with the new guidelines in order to ensure that they are meeting the requirements for Advanced Training. There are a number of resources available to help:

General Paediatrics - Diversity of Training

The PDEC has recently approved a change to the Advanced Training in General Paediatrics program requirements. From 2017, trainees will no longer be required to complete the six (6) months of required core general paediatrics/clinical specialty training at a metropolitan or tertiary centre.

While this change may allow trainees to complete the entirety of their training at one training site (within the limits stipulated by the accreditation of the site), the PDEC would like to encourage trainees to consider their own individual needs and the opportunity to gain wider exposure to a variety of training situations across the course of advanced training.

If you have any questions about what the changes to the General Paediatrics program requirements will mean for you, contact generalpaedsadvanced@racp.edu.au

Clinical Examination

The PDEC have had several conversations during their last few meetings regarding the current state of the Clinical Examination, and whether it is ‘fit for purpose’. These conversations form part of a wider discussion across the College regarding assessment.

There are many projects within the College at the moment which will impact the Clinical Examination, including Selection into and Capacity to Train and the Basic Training Curriculum Review. This is a very exciting area of progress!

On behalf of the PDEC, I would like to wish everybody a happy and healthy holiday season.

Associate Professor Paul Fullerton, Chair
Paediatrics & Child Health Division Education Committee
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