PCHD Education Committee Communiqué July 2017

Read the highlights for key issues discussed at the Paediatrics & Child Health Division Education Committee (PDEC) meeting, held on 30 June 2017.


The PDEC would like to welcome Dr Lydia Garside, who has been appointed as the new representative of the ATC in General Paediatrics and congratulate Dr Michael Nowotny on his appointment as Deputy Chair.

Current membership of the Paediatrics & Child Health Division Education Committee:

  • A/Prof Paul Fullerton, Chair
  • Dr Mike Nowotny, Deputy Chair / Assessment Lead
  • Dr Raewyn Gavin, Chair, NZ PDEC
  • Clinical Prof Sean Beggs, Chair, Basic Training Committee
  • A/Prof Susan Moloney, Overseas Trained Physicians Delegate
  • Dr Nicholas Cheng, Continuing Professional Development Delegate (outgoing)
  • Prof Peter Procopis, Continuing Professional Development Delegate (incoming)
  • Dr David Rogers, Accreditation Lead
  • Dr Lydia Garside, Advanced Training Committee Delegate (General Paediatrics)
  • Dr Christopher Pearson, Advanced Training Committees Delegate (Community Child Health)
  • Dr Sarah Jamison, Advanced Training Committees Delegate
  • Dr Pita Burch, Advanced Training Committees Delegate
  • Dr Annaleise Howard-Jones, Basic Trainee Representative
  • Dr Melanie Fentoullis, Advanced Trainee Representative

Supervisor Handbook

A Supervisor Handbook has been drafted as part of the new Supervision Support Strategy 2017 – 2021. The handbook is primarily aimed at newly appointed supervisors of RACP trainees across all Divisions, Faculties and Chapters in Australia and New Zealand.

The Division Education Committees (DECs) have reviewed the draft Supervisor Handbook and provided the following feedback:

  • It is very comprehensive
  • New Zealand do not have many educational supervisors
  • Some of the distinctions in the Domain 1: Quality and Safety table are artificial
  • Terminology of Difficult Trainee/Trainee in Difficulty should be reviewed, including the table on page 25 to ensure this is clear
  • Provide an indicative table of reasonable CPD points to claim for Supervisor development activities

RACP Research Project Implementation

Training Committees have been in the process of implementing the College -wide Research Project (RACP Research Project) across all programs since 2017. The review of program requirements for the 2019-20 handbooks is currently underway and any programs that have not yet fully implemented the RACP Research Project will need to do so as part of this round.

The DECs will have an opportunity to review 2019-20 program requirements for Divisional programs later in the year as part of this process. Based on current and available information however the DEC noted that a number of specialties are seeking project requirements in addition to the RACP Research project.

The following guidance from the DEC’s will be communicated to the CEC to consider:

  • All specialties must do one RACP Research Project
  • Training Committees should be allowed to request a 2nd project which must map to the curricula/learning objectives, have a sound rationale and meet an objective not demonstrated in the RACP Research Project
  • Consider other options for trainees to gain research skills e.g. University courses
  • Accept Recognition of Prior Learning for Research Projects
  • Consider the impact on dual and joint trainees
  • Undertake an early review of the College Research Project requirement (within 2 years)

The DECs recommended that the RACP Research Project requirement be included as an item for discussion at the next Advanced Training Forum.

Gaps between Basic and Advanced Training

The DEC’s were presented a report which provided information and data on trainees who have completed Basic Training requirements but have not as yet commenced Advanced Training. The report included data on reasons why Advanced Training was not commenced. One of these reasons was “Can’t find preferred job” which the DEC agreed should be split into specialties.

The DECs agreed that this information could be used to help inform other areas of College work.

Associate Professor Paul Fullerton, Chair
Paediatrics & Child Health Division Education Committee
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