Pot-pourri eBulletin 29 June 2018

President's Message

Congratulations to those recognised in the 2018 Queen’s Birthday Honours. It is always pleasing to see our peers recognised for their outstanding work in the community. The six paediatricians who have been honoured are highlighted later in this edition.

The National Children’s Commissioner, Ms Megan Mitchell, recently held a number of roundtables around the country to discuss Australia’s progress in implementing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children. Key areas of concern identified in the meetings and a submission by the College included; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children; ​refugee children seeking asylum in Australia; ​children in out-of-home-care; children living with disability; ​children in the juvenile justice system; raising the age of criminal responsibility and child mental health services. The health and welfare of children must be the primary consideration in all child protection measures and as paediatricians we will remain vigilant and advocate for children. I would like to thank Dr Karen Zwi for representing the RACP at the Sydney roundtable. There is certainly opportunity for further progress and we look forward to seeing some positive outcomes in place. I’ll keep you informed of progress.

Membership of the PCHD Council is almost finalised. I would like to welcome new members to Council; Dr Mark Davies (QLD), Dr Elizabeth Pickford (NSW), Associate Professor Julie ​McGaughran (QLD), Dr Niroshini Kennedy (VIC) and Dr Pat Tuohy (NZ) as the new Chair of the Paediatric Policy and Advocacy Committee. A full list of the membership is on the RACP website. The PCHD Council is meeting in late July to develop a strategic plan for the Division over the next two years, identifying key areas of focus and opportunities for improvement.

Each year the PCHD acknowledges a person who has made an outstanding contribution to paediatrics and child health through the Howard Williams Medal. Nominations are now open and further details on the nomination process are outlined later in this edition.

Lastly, I would like to congratulate the trainees who recently passed their clinical exam and wish you success in Advanced Training. 

Professor Paul Colditz
President, Paediatrics & Child Health Division

Honouring outstanding contribution

Do you know a colleague who has made an outstanding contribution to improving the health of children and young people in Australia or New Zealand? 

Nominations are now open for the prestigious Howard Williams Medal. In addition to receiving the medal, the recipient will be funded to attend RACP Congress 2018 in Auckland ​where they may have an opportunity to give an oration about their contribution.

Find out more 
Howard Williams 2018 Medal Winner Professor David Forbes being presented with his award by Dr Sarah Dalton

Pictured: Professor David Forbes receiving the Howard Williams Medal for 2018 from Dr Sarah Dalton at RACP Congress 2018.

Paediatricians ​recognised

Congratulations to the six paediatricians recognised in the 2018 Queen's Birthday Honours.

Officer (AO) in the General Division

  • Associate Professor Katherine Tucker FRACP
    For distinguished service to medicine in the field of familial cancer genetics, as a clinician, researcher and author, to medical education, and to professional bodies.
  • The late Associate Professor Susan Baddeley FRACP (deceased)
    For distinguished service to child health as an academic and researcher, to neo-natal paediatric medicine, and to the Indigenous Community of the Northern Territory.

Member (AM) in the General Division

  • Professor Jonathan Carapetis, FAFPHM, FRACP
    For significant service to medicine in the field of paediatrics, particularly the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of rheumatic heart disease.
  • Professor Andrew Kemp FRACP
    For significant service to medicine, and to medical education, in the field of paediatric allergy and immunology as a clinician, academic and researcher.
  • Professor Claire Wainwright FRACP
    For significant service to medicine as a respiratory clinician, and for leadership into the study of cystic fibrosis.

Medal (OAM) of the Order of Australia in the General Division

  • Dr Jeremy Raftos FRACP
    For service to medicine, particularly to paediatrics.
  • Professor Margaret Rosemary Zacharin FRACP
    For service to medicine, particularly to paediatric endocrinology.

Recognising achievements

Congratulations to the following PCHD 2018 Award winners:

  • Dr Jonathan Kaufman – Best Poster Prize in Paediatrics & Child Health recipient
  • Dr Anthea Rhodes – Rue Wright Memorial Award recipient
  • Dr Daryl Cheng – Trainee of the Year Award
  • Dr Katrina Hannan – Trainee Research Award in Paediatrics & Child Health recipient

Dr Jonathan Kaufman, Dr Darly Cheng and Dr Anthea Rhodes

Pictured L-R:  Dr Jonathan Kaufman – Best Poster; Dr Daryl Cheng – Trainee of the Year Award; Dr Anthea Rhodes – recipient Rue Wright; Dr Katrina Hannan – Trainee Research Award recipient.

Trainee Research Awards 2018



Abstract Title

Dr Bernadette Prentice


Hyperglycaemia on continuous glucose monitoring correlates with pulmonary inflammation in young children with cystic fibrosis

Dr Nicholas Fancourt


Chest radiograph findings in childhood pneumonia cases from the multi-site PERCH study

Dr Yassmin Musthaffa


Changes to Thyroid Function following Growth Hormone Therapy in children with Prader-Willi Syndrome

Dr Sally Kellett


The Oxford IGA MEST score is associated with worse kidney outcomes in childhood onset Henoch Schonlein Purpura Nephritis

Dr Katrina Hannan


Sleep Help@Home. Targeted Behavioural Interventions to Improve Sleep Problems in Children and Reduce Tertiary Outpatient Waitlists: A Pilot Randomised Controlled Trial?

Dr Sarah Rumore


Degree of C3 Depletion as a Prognostic Factor for Apsgn in Children in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia

Dr Nicola Culliford- Semmens


The New Zealand Familial Echo Study revels high prevalence of rheumatic heart disease amongst parents and siblings of children with rheumatic fever: Echocardiography should be offered to first degree relatives

Dr Jin Russell

(2017 winner but could not attend at that time)


Cumulative Socioeconomic Disadvantage increases the risk of multi-morbidity in early childhood


Funding for Fellows in Rural Australia

Grants worth up to $10,000 are on offer to RACP Fellows who live and work in rural and remote Australia. 

To help Fellows undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities, the grants are being offered as part of the Support for Rural Specialists in Australia (SRSA) Program funding round three.

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Expand your end-of-life care knowledge

To help you improve your skills in end-of-life care, the RACP is offering free access to an online course on the topic.

The course begins on Wednesday, 18 July.

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View RACP Congress 2018 ​​resources

Videos of selected shared sessions and all presentations from RACP Congress 2018 are now online.

Browse through a range of thought-provoking material to stimulate, challenge and inspire you and your work.

The RACP has permission to share all material with you and if a presentation or video is not available it is because permission has not yet been received.

Access now

Opportunities to get involved

Various vacant positions exist on a range of RACP committees where your expertise could add value.

You may be able to assist the following committees:

Blue Book feedback ​​needed

The Blue Book Membership List provides contact details of PCHD Fellows. Paediatrics & Child Health. Information in the Membership List is obtained by asking Fellows to provide their details. Consent for publication is provided by each person for whom there is an entry.

The information is available for use by Fellows and trainees of the College and should only be used as a reference guide and for no other purpose.

The RACP is currently reviewing this resource, which was last published in hard copy in 2007. Your input is needed to answer the questions below.

  • Is this resource beneficial?
  • What could be improved?
  • Are you using other non RACP resources for similar information?

To provide feedback on the Blue Book contact Engy Henein with your thoughts, by emailing paed@racp.edu.au.

Childhood bullying hurts parents too, poll finds

Australian parents are crying out for more help to address and prevent childhood bullying as research shows one in five report one or more of their children was bullied in the last school term.

The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) National Child Health Poll — a quarterly, national survey of Australian households shedding new light on the big issues in contemporary child and adolescent health — found almost every parent (89 per cent) of a child who was bullied said the experience had affected the whole family.

One in six parents had felt physically sick, and one in five felt depressed or anxious. Almost half (48 per cent) worried about the long-term effects of bullying on their child, while many were angry (44​ per cent) and frustrated at being unable to help (44 per cent). One in three (32 per cent) felt guilty for not being able to stop the bullying while one in four felt helpless (28​ per cent). 

The Poll also found while most parents have a good understanding of what bullying is and the serious potential effects on children, half of all parents still said they needed more information on how to protect their child, including on cyberbullying.

Poll Director, paediatrician Dr Anthea Rhodes, said: “Bullying is a health problem and a community problem – it is serious and common and it can harm the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people.’’

“The best way to address and prevent bullying is for children, parents and schools to work together in a whole-of community approach.” 

Download the Poll report

Postgraduate Fellowships on offer

Postgraduate Fellowships to fund researching and training aimed at improving child health are being offered by Freemasons of New Zealand.

This Fellowship/Scholarship is made available by the Freemasons of New Zealand who have provided postgraduate fellowships in Paediatrics and Child Health since 1988.

Medical graduates who receive a Fellowship will be remunerated at Medical Assistant Lecturer/Lecturer level. Other graduates will be remunerated at a level appropriate for University Research Fellows and postgraduate scholars.

University graduates in New Zealand intending to work long-term in Paediatrics or Child Health can apply for this opportunity. 

Applications close on Friday, 20 July 2018. For more information contact Lucy Gray + 64 3 470 9758 or by emailing wch.admin@otago.ac.nz

Funding grants for Women's Leadership Development

Women & Leadership Australia (WLA) is administering a national initiative to support the development of female leaders across Australia’s health care sector.

The initiative is providing women working in the sector with grants to enable participation in a range of leadership development programs.

The leadership development programs are part-time and delivered nationally via WLA’s blended learning model. Scholarship funding is strictly limited and will be awarded based on a set of selection criteria being met.

Expressions of Interest
Find out more and register your interest by completing the Expression of Interest form before 7 September 2018: www.wla.edu.au/health

International Society for Social Paediatrics and Child Health (ISSOP) eBulletin

The ISSOP is an interdisciplinary, non-governmental, non-profit making, scientific body open to all child health professionals. ISSOP promotes knowledge of social paediatrics, to stimulate research in this field, to disseminate such knowledge at meetings and to work together with national and international agencies. 

The latest ISSOP e-bulletin is online now.

Mid-year registrations now open

Registrations are now open until 31 August 2018 in Australia and until 31 July in New Zealand for mid-year registrations for Adult Medicine and Paediatrics Basic Training.

If you have only registered for the first half of the year, we remind you to prospectively register terms for the remainder of the year via our online registration system.

Please note that any prospective registrations not submitted by 31 August (Australia) and 31 July (New Zealand) will result in unapproved training time which will extend the length of training programs.

Alfred Chest Ultrasound Course opportunity

You are invited to attend an introduction to pleural and lung ultrasound in Melbourne on Friday, 24 August 2018.

Highlights and benefits include:
  • essential physics and knobology
  • hands-on scanning
  • live patient demonstrations
  • real-time needle guidance
  • a large video clip library
  • small group learning.
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Pot-pourri submissions welcome

To share news, events or stories of interest with your colleagues in Pot-pourri, please email paed@racp.edu.au.

Your contributions should be no more than 350 words. We encourage you to send images with your contribution and will trust you have received appropriate permission to use the photo.

All contributions may be edited by the RACP Communications Team.

Update your details

Did you know you can update your address details online? Simply Login to MyRACP and go to “Edit my details”.

Conferences and events

The R​ACP publishes notices of events and courses as a service to members. Such publication does not constitute endorsement or mandating of any such events or courses.

View all Paediatrics and Child Health events here.

Go to the events list at any time to see what events are coming up.

Career Opportunities 

  • Advanced Trainee: The Victorian Aboriginal Health Service

Interested applicants should send their application with curriculum vitae and details of two referees to Dr Mick Creati via email — mick.creati@vahs.org.au. A position description is available from HR Officer. Email Merindah.brown@vahs.org.au with your request.

Interviews will be conducted on Friday, 27 July 2018. The closing date for applications is Monday, 16 July 2018.

  • Victorian Paediatric Rural Advanced Training positions
Applications are open for all Victorian Paediatric Rural Advanced Training positions for 2019.

Visit the Medical Positions Vacant page to see all job listings.
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