Queensland – November 2017

A message from the Queensland  State Committee Chair

The annual RACP Trainee Research Awards for Excellence and Jameson Investigator Award for Research related to Indigenous Health Issues were presented at the RACP Queensland State Office on Wednesday, 1 November. It was pleasing to see a marked increase in submissions for these awards compared with recent years. The judging panel was able to shortlist three applications each for the adult medicine and paediatric medicine categories. We are pleased to announce the Queensland representatives:

RACP Trainee Research Award for Excellence (in the field of adult medicine)

Dr Joshua Tobin
The tumour microenvironment as an independent prognostic biomarker in follicular lymphoma

RACP Trainee Research Award for Excellence (in the field of paediatric medicine)
Dr Yassmin Musthaffa
Changes to thyroid function (TF) following growth hormone (GH) therapy in children with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS)

Dr Joshua Tobin with RACP Queensland State Committee Chair Associate Professor Peter Davoren Dr Yassmin Musthaffa with RACP Queensland State Committee Chair Associate Professor Peter Davoren

Jameson Investigator Award for Research related to Indigenous Health Issues
Dr Luke Conway
Weekly exenatide reduces HBA1C, weight and insulin requirements for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians

While next years’ submissions are some way off please remember these awards and encourage your trainees to consider submitting their research.

From time to time the QLD State Committee is approached by external stakeholders to provide nominations for external bodies or panels. These can range from Hospital Health Site interview panels, QLD Government working groups, consultative committees or other similar bodies. These requests require limited representation with a small time requirement and would not usually necessitate a more formal briefing by the College.

To better respond to these enquiries in a more timely manner, members from Queensland are encouraged to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to be entered on to a nominee database so that they can be informed directly should such opportunities arise. The expression of interest should include a CV as well identifying your location, whether you would be prepared to travel and preferred contact details. This information will be held in confidence by the College and consulted when external invitations are received to determine a potential nominee. The EoI will be ongoing and the list reviewed on an annual basis.

Finally, a Basic Training Orientation event was held on Saturday, 4 November at the RACP Queensland State Office. This was an opportunity for those pre-vocational doctors who might be interested in physician training, or those starting their training in 2018 to understand the training requirements and meet with Queensland Health network personnel, RACP Fellows and RACP staff.

Associate Professor Peter Davoren 
Chair, Queensland State Committee

A message from the Queensland Trainees’ Committee (QTC) Co-Chair

I would like to welcome Dr Rebecca Kriukelis as the new Paediatrics & Child Health Co-Chair. Please feel free to contact either of us via racpqld@racp.edu.au if you have any issues you would like the QTC to assist with.  

The QTC is an active and enthusiastic group of physician and paediatric trainees representing the diverse group of RACP trainees throughout Queensland. The QTC meets five times a year to discuss current issues affecting RACP trainees and is responsible for:

  • trainee advocacy in matters of recruitment, education, progression through training, formal assessment, supervision, support, and secondment
  • representation of trainees
  • appointment of trainee representatives to College Committees.

The QTC is recruiting new members, particularly International Medical Graduates and trainees of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background. Read the Expression of Interest for more information and application details.. 

Dr Hervey Lau
Adult Co-Chair
Queensland Trainees’ Committee

Supervisor Professional Development Program (SPDP) Workshops 

Approximately 200 Fellows and Advanced Trainees have attended one or more of the 16 SPDP Workshops held in Queensland in 2017 so far. A further four are planned before the end of the year.  

All Queensland workshops are open to Fellows and Advanced Trainees.The following face-to-face Supervisor ​workshops are organised. You do not have to attend the workshops in sequential order.

Workshop  Location Date  Time 
SPDP 3 Geriatrics ANZSGMQ Sunday, 12 November 9am to 12pm
SPDP 2 Princess Alexandra Hospital Wednesday, 15 November 5pm to 8pm
SPDP 1 Cairns Hospital Thursday, 16 November  5.30pm to 8.30pm
SPDP 3 Cairns Hospital Thursday, 23 November 5.30pm to 8.30pm

 To register for one of these workshops contact Hannah Parker, Queensland Member Support Officer

Go to the supervisor workshop page for more information on workshop content, details on online workshops and further face-to-face workshops organised later in the year. SPDP workshops dates for 2018 will be released shortly.

These workshops will be a requirement for all RACP supervisors by 2020 under the new Educational Leadership and Supervision Framework and Policy.  

If you would like to become an SPDP Facilitator please contact supervisor@racp.edu.au

Dr Kean (Casey) Khoo, Director of Medicine at Toowoomba Hospital co-facilitating SPDP Workshop 3.

North Queensland Physicians’ Conference 2017

It is hard to imagine how different contemporary specialist practice in North Queensland is from when I arrived here as a junior doctor some 39 years ago. Most physicians were solo practitioners with broad generalist skills and, in the days before automated pathology and the algorithms that drive CT, their ability to manage their patients depended on their clinical skills in taking a good history and performing an effective examination. It was not easy to pop down to Brisbane for the day and no one imagined the future of the internet and videoconferencing, nor could their colleagues in the capital easily understand the demands of their work.

One of the most important events on the calendar was the North Queensland Physicians’ Conference (NQPC) which attracted doctors from across the tropical north. The NQPC provided an invaluable opportunity for physicians to meet with colleagues, share their knowledge and experiences in dealing with the unique challenges of tropical medicine in Australia and, perhaps most importantly, nurture a sense of collegiality and mutual support as an antidote to professional isolation. However, over the years, with increasing sub-specialisation, the advent of high-tech medicine and the waning role of the general physician, the NQPC began to lose relevance as doctors found their education fixes and connection elsewhere. Eventually, some years ago, the NQPC just faded away.

Fortunately, that was not the end of the story and the pendulum is now swinging the other way. North Queensland is becoming self-reliant in most tertiary services and a region of excellence for tropical medical practice. The realisation that coordinated interdisciplinary whole-person care is vital for good outcomes for patients and job satisfaction for physicians has driven the need to work better together.

nqpc-qld-state-newsOn the first weekend of September, approximately 60 physicians, trainees, medical students and other doctors came together at the Mater North Queensland Pimlico Hospital in Townsville. The theme for the first next-gen NQPC was ‘The physicians’ role in enhancing sustainability of the health system’. The participants were treated to a broad program ranging from updates on clinical practice through to a plenary presentation by Dr Steve Hambleton on the review of the Medicare Benefits Scheme. It is hoped that this event will herald the renaissance of the NQPC as an important driver of cohesion between the physicians of the deep north for many years to come.

Dr Will Cairns
Palliative medicine physician

Pictured right: NQPC organisers Dr Vasant Shenoy, Dr Craig Costello and Dr Rahul Dua.

Out and about

The Queensland State Office has been arranging site visits to meet with supervisors and trainees to discuss changes regarding the Learning Needs Analysis, provide updates on the transition to computer-based testing for the written examination, as well as other projects happening within the College, such as the Education Renewal Project. 

Lunchtime information sessions at your workplace are a great way to keep up to date with these exciting changes; please consider attending these sessions.

Toowoomba Hospital visit

On Tuesday, 17 October, Tracey Handley, Senior Executive Officer and Hannah Parker, Member Support Officer visited Toowoomba Hospital to meet with members of the Medical Education Team. Discussions were about how the RACP can further support and engage with the Fellows and trainees based at this hospital.

The RACP staff also met with the Director of Physician Education (DPE), Dr Spencer Toombes, and began planning the Basic Training Orientations that will be held in Toowoomba in the near future.
To organise a site visit or find out when the next visit to your site is, please contact Queensland Member Support Officer Hannah Parker at racpqld@racp.edu.au

Bond University Physician Society Cocktail Night

The RACP Queensland State Office was delighted to support the Queensland Trainees’ Committee at the Bond University Physician Society Cocktail Night on Wednesday, 11 October. Sixty-five medical students attended the event to hear an impressive array of speakers, including;

  • bond-uni-nightMedical Registrar and Queensland Trainees’ Committee member, Dr Mohamed Hashim Abdeen (pictured right)
  • Director of Physician Education at Gold Coast University Hospital, ​Associate Professor Selva Niranjan
  • Paediatric Registrar, Dr Gabby Mahoney
  • Cardiologist, Dr Andrew McCann
  • General physician, Dr Suminda Welagedara
  • General physician and endocrinologist, Dr Harish Venugopas.

In addition, Dr Kieran Oldfield, Dr Naim Mridha and Dr Bernadette Tran, who are all previous Bond University students now training with the RACP, shared some insightful tips on how to make a good first impression when joining a hospital as an intern. 

This was a great event and gave medical students the opportunity to directly speak to RACP staff.

Queensland Department of Health: Private Health Facilities Regulation 2017 

From 1 January 2018, legislative changes will mean a number of surgical cosmetic procedures will be required to take place in licensed premises. 

Detailed information is available on the Queensland Department of Health website.


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