South Australia – December 2016

A message from the South Australian State Committee Chair

As the incoming Chair and on behalf of the RACP South Australian State Committee I welcome your involvement and advice as to how we can assist you as a Fellow or trainee.

South Australia accounts for about 6.5 per cent of RACP membership with approximately 1,000 Fellows and 400 trainees.

Training and continuing professional development are key areas of focus.


Supervisor Professional Development Program (SPDP)

The Supervisor Professional Development Program is a series of three workshops.

I would recommend these to any Fellow who is a supervisor in any shape or form and has not had the opportunity to attend. These workshops provide an understanding of the current College training structure, seek to enhance professional skills and provide the opportunity to interact with peers.

The three hour workshops are run regularly at the RACP office in Melbourne Street, Adelaide and at state and national meetings.

Trainee research presentation events – an opportunity for all members

Clinical research, audit and quality improvement are key components of training and most Advanced Training programs currently make this a fixed requirement.

As long as I can remember the South Australian branch has held a trainee research presentation night, usually in November. 

In recent years attendance and presentations have declined – no doubt for a whole raft of reasons.

I believe this is a forum where we could meet as a broader Fellowship giving our trainees an opportunity to present to a wide audience and have their work recognised. I believe this is a forum which can benefit us all and I would like to seek the assistance of all those in training and those in supervising to work towards submitting a presentation in 2017 and for there to be a broad attendance of Fellows and trainees at the 2017 presentation night.

Our State branch is only as strong as the commitment and contribution of its members. With the changes currently going on in the delivery of healthcare it provides an important representative body for us all. 

I would like to acknowledge the involvement and contributions of many of our members to the activities of the College and welcome any advice as to how we can improve our Fellowship and support for each other.

I would like to wish you a safe and happy festive season and look forward to a productive 2017.

Dr Rob van den Berg
Chair, SA State Committee

South Australia RACP Trainee Research Awards for Excellence 2016

With ten abstracts submitted the judges had the task of reading each abstract and selecting the top six entrants to present at the South Australia RACP Trainee Research Awards event on Thursday, 13 October. 

The abstracts were from Advanced Trainees, a Basic Trainee and a rehabilitation trainee. Unfortunately there were no abstracts from paediatric trainees.  

Although the audience was not a large one, they were very engaged with the topics presented and very appreciative of the time the trainees had dedicated to their research. We were pleased to welcome family members of presenters at the event as well as our Fellows and trainees. 

The judging panel of Dr Rabin Bhandari, Dr Marianne Gillam and Dr Liza Phillips took on the challenge of determining the recipient of the prize. The scores reflected the closeness of the competition with only one point between first and second place, and even second place had a tie. 

Dr Anna Balabanski was awarded best research presentation for her presentation titled ‘Excessive stroke incidence in Aboriginal people in Central Australia: a retrospective population-based study’. She will represent South Australia and present her research in Melbourne in May 2017.

From the RACP Trainee Research Awards for Excellence recipient – Dr Anna Balabanski

a-balabanskiI was honoured to receive the South Australia RACP Trainee Research Award for my research in ‘Excessive stroke incidence in Aboriginal people in central Australia: a retrospective population-based study’. I was encouraged to enter our abstract by one of my co-authors, and presented a summary of the research process and key findings, including an incidence rate ratio as high as 24 times that of non-Aboriginal people in the 46 to 54 year age group.

The presentation evening took place in the RACP SA office, with an audience of three judges and the presenters’ colleagues and family, in an environment which was formal yet friendly. Each candidate was given twelve minutes to present their research, followed by three minutes’ question time from the judges and the audience. 

I found the experience both challenging and worthwhile, especially as the questions encouraged us to demonstrate the depth of our understanding of the research process, and of the role of our research in the broader health context. We received written feedback from the judges following the event, making the experience even more valuable.

I am grateful for the opportunity to present this research in Melbourne in May, and look forward to bringing this important area of research to the attention of the broader medical community.

Australian Health Benefits of Good Work Signatory Industry Forum – ‘Realising the business benefits of good work’

The Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (AFOEM) and the Australian Health Benefits of Good Work Signatory Steering Group (SSG) held a forum in Adelaide on Wednesday, 9 November. With the theme of ‘Realising the business benefits of good work’, the meeting was opened by the AFOEM President Associate Professor Peter Connaughton, and AFOEM President-Elect Dr Beata Byok, who lives and practices in Adelaide, gave the closing remarks.

AFOEM has long been working to promote the benefits to individuals, families, employers, government, and the community in general that good work is a strong positive social determinant of health. The SSG has previously held very successful forums in Sydney and Melbourne with more planned in the new year. Additionally this year the New Zealand SSG has had its first meetings and similar meetings can be expected there. 

This forum was attended by leading members of business, government and industry groups who wish to learn about business case examples and practical solutions to the financial, social and legal risks faced by employers who are keen to access the Health (and business) Benefits of Good Work. 

The forum focused on the minimisation of obstacles to placing and retaining people with injury, illness and disability in the workplace using a practical, business centred approach. Speakers included Ms Morag Fitzsimons, Director, WCD Workers Compensation Solutions, Mr Robin Shaw, Manager, Self-Insurers of South Australia (SISA) and Ms Mandy Holland, Director, Australian Medico-Legal Group (AMLG). All who attended agreed that it was a valuable and stimulating day. 

Dr Robin Chase
Chair, AFOEM Policy and Advocacy Committee

Advanced Trainee Workshop – a first for South Australia

The South Australia Trainee Committee held the first South Australia Advanced Trainee Workshop. 

The workshop covered topics relevant to trainees transitioning from Basic to Advanced Training, and included topics such as investing wisely, taking on leadership roles, undertaking higher research, managing team dynamics and supporting struggling trainees.  

Dr Tilenka Thynne, Dr Anthony Pisaniello, Dr Tom Goddard and Brentnalls SA accountants presented at the event and all their talks were very well received, and trainees have asked for this to be an annual event. Keep an eye out for next year’s event.

HOODSWEENEY Royal Colleges Golf Day 2016

A brilliant day was had by those who participated in the annual SA Royal Colleges Golf Day, held at Royal Adelaide Golf Club on Friday, 4 November. Dr Bronte Ayers (RACP) and Dr Glen Benveniste (RACS) convened the day

Fourty-four competitors from across seven medical Colleges played a round of 4BBB Stableford for either the ​surgeons or the ​physicians team. 

Congratulations to the surgeons who were the overall winners of the day.

   Surgeons teams   Physicians teams 
First:   Michael Jay and Swapnil Pandit  Felix Tan and Tony Grant
 David Moore and Adam Wright  Bronte Ayres and Jeff Whitford 
Third:  Peter Menz and Glen Benveniste  Angas Hains and  
Nearest to Pin Ladies 7th Hole
 Janice Fletcher

The 2017 event will be held at the Royal Adelaide Golf Club Friday, 3rd November 2017.
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