Tasmania - April 2016

A message from the Tasmanian State Committee Chair

This state newsletter is a welcome opportunity to keep you up-to-date on what is happening in Tasmania. The information in this newsletter has been tailored especially for you, the members in Tasmania, covering our issues and our events. I encourage you to get involved in the College at a local level by joining one of our committees, or if you have suggestions for the Tasmanian State Committee please email us at tas@racp.edu.au.  

The Committee met last on Monday, 15 February 2016 and will meet again on Monday, 2 May 2016. A current focus for the Committee is advocating for the best possible healthcare and health outcomes for vulnerable patient groups in Tasmania. In particular these include people with developmental disability, people with mental illness and physical health problems, and people with refugee status.  

The Committee is also working on strengthening relationships with key Tasmanian stakeholders. The State Committee work to liaise, where appropriate, with medical stakeholders in Tasmania including the Minister for Health and the Tasmanian Department of Health to represent the College and Fellows on many levels. 

The Committee is essential to the delivery of College policy, events, awards and programs to Fellows and trainees based in Tasmania. For Basic and Advanced Trainees, the Tasmanian State Committee hosts the RACP Trainee Research Awards for Excellence each year. This year it is proposed these awards will be held under the umbrella of a Tasmanian Physicians Conference to be held in spring 2016. Also included in the conference are the inaugural TC Butler and FRT Stevens awards for research, addressing a medical or clinical condition or illness which impacts on a vulnerable group in society.  

The Victorian and Tasmanian Trainees Committee meet regularly to address trainee issues in Victoria and Tasmania and has a Tasmanian representative on the State Committee. The Victorian and Tasmanian Trainees Committee as well as the Tasmanian State Committee are an important contact point for local trainees to engage with and receive support from the College.  

Associate Professor Robyn Wallace
Tasmanian State Committee Chair

Welcoming our new trainees at orientation

New and established RACP trainees networked with their colleagues and learnt about training with the RACP and the work of the College Committees relevant to them at the 2016 Tasmanian Trainee Welcome Evening and Basic Training Orientation session in Hobart.  

Member Support Officer, Susie Cox, also met with a number of new Basic Trainees in Hobart and Launceston and provided them with information on their College requirements and discussed Basic Training assessments and policies.  

Susie is available to speak to Supervisors and trainees should you have any queries regarding the RACP Training Programs and Pathways. 

Contact Details: 
Susan Cox, Member Support Officer Vic/Tas
Email: susan.cox@racp.edu.au
Mobile: 0488466955

The Victorian Tasmanian Trainees’ Committee (VTTC)

The VTTC is a forum for Tasmanian trainees to address any issue around the College’s training program. The role of the VTTC is to advocate for Victorian and Tasmania trainees at the state and national levels on various issues including assessment, training, education and workforce; and to provide a forum for all trainees to raise their issues and concerns. If you would like more information please contact the VTTC at tas@racp.edu.au.  

The proposed Tasmanian Physicians Conference 2016

The Tasmanian State Committee is proposing a Tasmanian Physicians Conference in 2016. The conference is intended to encourage Tasmanian Fellows and trainees to get together with their colleagues from across the State to hear about and discuss issues relevant to Tasmanian members. 

Topics are still being finalised but some early potential ideas include education and training, how members and the College can best contribute to advocacy in relation to Tasmanian health issues, and how members and the College may be able to influence the kinds of decisions that may have an impact the health of Tasmanians.  

The conference will include the Tasmanian RACP Trainee Research Awards for Excellence for 2016. These awards are an excellent opportunity to hear what our trainees are passionate about in research and their hopes for the future in medical research. 

The inaugural T.C Butler and FRT Stevens awards will also be part of the day. These awards are made possible by some generous bequests and will award research in relation to a medical or clinical condition or illness which impacts on a vulnerable group in society.  

We hope the conference will help to promote a sharing of resources and unity within the Tasmanian health system and between the public and private sectors, the three regions of Tasmania and primary and secondary care.  

Policy and advocacy in Tasmania

The Tasmanian State Committee offers a voice to local members in the advocacy to government, health departments, and other stakeholders on issues affecting our members. This is one of the larger roles of the Tasmanian State Committee and an area it is very active in. 

Examples of the areas that the Tasmanian State Committee has been asked to provide expert opinion on in recent times include Tasmanian health reforms and funding for Tasmanian training positions.  

Of particular focus for the Committee in 2016 is engaging and collaborating with other key Tasmanian stakeholders to promote the Tasmanian State Committee and the College as an expert reference point for advice and opinion on health related issues. 

The Committee has been working on building relationships with other professional organisations in Tasmania and consulting with key stakeholders on issues of common interest.  

We hope to raise the profile of the State Committee and the national College body and increase member engagement with the College.  

Expressions of Interest

College Trainees Committee (Tasmanian representative training in any Division, Chapter or Faculty), closes ​Tuesday, 26 April

There is one vacancy on the College Trainees’ Committee for a representative training in Tasmania from either the Adult Medicine or Paediatric Medicine Division or any Faculty or Chapter.  

The College Trainees’ Committee is the peak body representing the interests of Trainees at the College and to the Board.  The College Trainees’ Committee is responsible for:

  • providing a forum for the views of all trainees 
  • advocating on behalf of trainees in matters relating to their selection, training, assessment, supervision and overall education experience 
  • making recommendations regarding policy relating to any training matter 
  • liaising with state, territory and New Zealand based Trainees’ committees 
  • liaising with trainee representatives across the College and its College bodies 
  • recommending to the appropriate College body any new initiatives to support trainees and enhance their training experience 
  • managing the selection, election and nomination of trainee representatives to the various College body councils, committees and groups. 

The College Trainees’ Committee is made up of representatives from the States and Territories and New Zealand and the various Faculties. The College Trainees’ Committee also includes a representative who identifies as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island and a trainee who completed their primary medical degree in a country other than Australia or New Zealand.

Interested trainees must complete the expression of interest form and submit both the form and a CV, including a supporting statement outlining their knowledge, experience and interests and how they will contribute to the objectives of College Trainees’ Committee.  

A full Position Description, copy of the RACP constitution, CTC by-laws, Governance of College Bodies By-Law, Code of Conduct, Conflicts of Interest Policy and Travel Policy are all available on request.

The expression of interest form and CV must be emailed to tas@racp.edu.au by ​Tuesday, 26 April 2016.  

Victorian Tasmanian Trainees Committee (VTTC) members, closes ​Tuesday, 26 April

The VTTC is a forum for Tasmanian Basic, Advanced and other physician trainees to address any issue around the College’s training program. The role of the VTTC is to advocate for Victorian and Tasmania trainees at the state and national levels in various issues including assessment, training, education and workforce; and to provide a forum for all trainees to raise their issues and concerns.

If you are a trainee resident in Tasmania and you are interested in joining this Committee The expression of interest form and CV must be emailed to tas@racp.edu.au by ​Tuesday, 26 April 2016.  

RACP member events and workshops

These events are held in the RACP Melbourne office and can be attend by videoconference.

Physician Education Program (until 08 December)

Date: Ongoing, Thursday evenings from 6.30pm – 9pm

Rheumatology Journal Club

Date: Monday, 16 May 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Brain School

Date: Wednesday, 13 April  2pm – 5pm
Date: Wednesday, 11 May  2pm – 5pm
Date: Wednesday, 8 June,  2pm – 5pm

The Kidney School

Date: Tuesday, 26 April 5pm – 9pm
Date: Tuesday, 28 June 5pm – 9pm

Physician Education Program – Clinical Exam series (until 12 July)

Date: Ongoing, Tuesday evenings from 6.30pm – 8.30pm 

Other information

Tasmanian Government Women on Boards Strategy 2015–2020

The Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services has asked us to remind Tasmanian members of the Tasmanian Government target of 50 per cent representation of women on boards, tribunals and committees by July 2020.  This policy, which commenced from July 2015, is seen by the Government as a critical step to reducing disadvantage, and improving democratic Governance and performance outcomes. The College in Tasmania is often consulted in respect of relevant statutory board appointments. ​Access the Tasmanian Government's Women on Boards Strategy 2015–20.

Cancer council scholarship

The Cancer Council Tasmania is now accepting applications for the  Jeannethe Jeanne Foster Scholarship.

The Scholarship provides $5000 this year for Tasmanian health professionals for professional development in a recognised field of cancer control to attend an approved short course/subject of professional development or a conference or seminar. 

Visit the Cancer Council Tasmania website for the more information and application form.

Applications close 5pm Friday, 15 April 2016.

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