Western Australia - April 2016

This state newsletter is a welcome opportunity to keep you up-to-date on what is happening in Western Australia. This information has been tailored especially for you, the members in our region, covering our issues and our events. I encourage you to get involved in the College at a local level by joining one of our committees, or if you have suggestions for the Western Australian Committee please email us at RACPWA@racp.edu.au 

Professor David A Kandiah
RACP WA State Committee

OTTAWA conference comes to Perth

The 17th Ottawa Conference for Health Professional Education was hosted in Perth from March 19 to 23.

The event is a prestigious biennial international conference. This year’s event, which had a formal association with the Australian and New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators, with the emphasis on assessment and evaluation.   

Delegates came from more than 40 countries to present and discuss their work to enhance the experiences of assessment and evaluation of interventions to produce the best outcomes and the right results for students and trainees across the continuum of health professional education.

Close to 1400 delegates came to the conference attending the many preconference workshops and 20 concurrent sessions every two hours. The latest information was consolidated with active audience participation on many new and established assessment methods, in symposia and plenary sessions. 

Half the delegates came from Australia representing universities and health professional colleges. Established assessment methods like objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs) and written tests were discussed with new ways of delivering this in different health systems and disciplines, with modern methods of checking for reliability and validity with the assistance of psychometricians. Newer methods of assessments were presented and discussed like entrustable professional activities and different other forms of work-place based assessments. Many of the ideas discussed will be transformed to more acceptable and equitable forms of assessment in high-stakes examinations. Engagement of stakeholders in different professional, academic and clinical arenas at a conference like this will facilitate advances in medical education and retention of knowledge. 

The emphasis generally was on assessment for and of learning rather than learning for assessment that drives many of our students and trainees in a competitive professional environment. The outcomes from competency-based education were deliberated with a suitable thrust towards capability-based education addressing extension of knowledge, skills and professionalism, in more diverse clinical environments.

Perth, and Western Australia, demonstrated the robustness to withstand the stringent standards expected by some of the most experienced conference attendees, by the high standards of the conference program and organisation, audio-visual support and facilities at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre where the event was held. Further information about this conference can be obtained from ottawa2016.com

Welcoming our new trainees at orientation

The 2016 Basic Trainee Orientation Session was held at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital on Thursday, March 17. The event was  organised and hosted by the Co-Chairs of the Western Australian Trainees’ Committee, Dr Zoe Wake and Dr Meg Ritchie. Fifty attendees including interns, resident medical officers, and registrars from facilities in the metropolitan area were joined by a group of attendees in Bunbury via videoconference.

The program covered a range of topics from the practical, using the Trainee Web Portal, developing a portfolio and ‘things I wish I knew as a trainee’ to the increasingly important ‘Healthy Healers’ presentation highlighting the importance of mindfulness and physicians looking after their own health as a means to provide the best possible care to their patients.

Feedback from the evening was overwhelmingly positive with the take home message being that commitment and preparation are key to success but the foundation needs to be a healthy balanced approach to both career and life. 

For more information related to Basic Physician Training please contact your Western Australia Member Services Officer, Helen Prince at Helen.Prince@racp.edu.au 

Upcoming events

Supervisor Professional Development Program (SPDP) in WA

As part of the Supervisor Professional Development Program (SPDP), the College has developed a sustainable training program for supervisor’s which comprises three components:

  • three face-to-face workshops each three hours in length
  • online learning and resources
  • Fellows as coaches and Member Support Officer support.

Workshop 1: Practical Skills for Supervisors, and Workshop 2: Teaching and Learning in Healthcare settings have been offered as online courses in addition to the face-to-face workshops, with Workshop 3: Work-based Learning and Assessment to be advertised in the later part of 2016. 

These courses provide an online alternative to the face-to-face workshops, with each workshop designed to run for a fixed five week period with a time commitment of approximately one hour per week for the participants. 

Participation in either the face to face or online workshops can be counted towards MyCPD activities.

WA has followed its own unique model for SPDP, having Professor David Kandiah, the lead Fellow for SPDP in WA presenting the majority of the SPDP workshops in the state. Since the program started in WA at the end of 2013, Professor Kandiah has facilitated 13 face to face workshops for SPDP 1, 2 and 3 with invitations sent to all WA Fellows and Advanced Trainees.​

Dr Helen Thomas is taking over from Professor David Kandiah as the new lead Fellow for SPDP in WA with all three workshops planned for April to be held in the RACP state office. 

Workshop details are:

  • Workshop 1: Practical Skills for Supervisors – Friday, 22 April 9am to 12pm
  • Workshop 2: Teaching and Learning in Healthcare Settings – Friday, 22 April 1pm to 3pm
  • Workshop 3: Work-based Learning and Assessment – Saturday, 23 April 9am to 12pm

Details of other SPDP workshops planned will be advertised once confirmed and closer to the dates.

For more information on the SPDP program please contact the WA Member Support Officer, Helen Prince at helen.prince@racp.edu.au  

Postgraduate Medical Council of Western Australia – Medical Careers Expo 2016

The Postgraduate Medical Council of Western Australia is hosting a Careers Expo on Tuesday, 12 April at Burswood on Swan.

The evening will provide an opportunity for graduating medical students and junior doctors to meet with over 30 employers, related organisations and Specialist Medical Colleges.

At the expo attendees can meet with representatives of potential employers, obtain information on career pathways from a range of professional colleges and hear from those who have recently completed specialist training.

Register for the Postgraduate Medical Council of Western Australia –Medical Careers Expo 2016.

Visit the Postgraduate Medical Council of Western Australia’s Facebook page.

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