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RACP Quarterly is the College's member magazine. It was first published in March/April 2016, replacing the previous RACP News publication.

Current issue

RQ Dec 2017_CVR_WEBRACP Quarterly December 2017/January 2018 (PDF 6MB)

  • A physician in the loop - artificial intelligence and big data
  • Are our children addicted to screens?
  • Real-world datasets key to improving multiple sclerosis treatments
  • Horse riding, music therapy and stroke rehabilitation 

Previous RACP Quarterly editions

 RACP Quarterly September October 2017


RACP Quarterly September/October 2017 (7MB) 

  • Significant strides for genomics in Australia
  • A journey in search of child health
  • Heart health on wheels
  • Setting sights on prevention: from common cold to heart attack
 RACP Quarterly June July edition image  

RACP Quarterly June/July 2017 (11MB) 

  • Let's talk about mental illness
  • Understanding variation in ADHD across Australia
  • Artificial arms have feelings too
  • ​What were you thinking? Cognitive bias and diagnosis

RACP Quarterly March/April 2017 (​5MB) 

  • Stem cell therapies – the here and now
  • Oncologist awarded prestigous Neil Hamilton Fairley Medal
  • Treating young transgender patients – the barriers and challenges
  • Cruising through a cruise
 RACP Q Dec Jan cover  

RACP Quarterly December 2016 / January 2017 (4KB)

  • Getting to the heart of 3D printing
  • Data linkage – sharing public health data for the greater good
  • New treatments for gonorrhoea
  • Seeing inside a stroke
RACP Quarterly Sept-Oct 2016

RACP Quarterly September / October 2016 (4KB)

  • Patient centred care and consumer engagement
  • All in a good night's rest
  • Indigenous doctor dedicated to Indigenous health
  • Changing of the guard

 RACP Quarterly June / July 2016 (PDF 4MB)

  • Our College, our story
  • Family and Community Child Health
  • RACP Congress 2016 – Evolve Educate Engage
  • Helping New Zealanders have healthy hearts

March / April 2016 (PDF 12MB) 

  • Montgomery Spencer Memorial Lecture
  • Palliative Care doctor embrace diversity challenges
  • Telehealth in the remote Northern Territory
  • Calling 'time' on excessive promotion of alcohol in sport 

Previous RACP News editions

2015 / 2016 editions


January 2016 (PDF 2MB)

  • Building an enabling society
  • A year in policy and advocacy
  • The trainee support pathway – supporting trainees and their supervisors
  • Australia and antibiotics

November 2015 (PDF 3MB)

  • Dual training building capacity in regional communities
  • College leads the call for climate action
  • Supporting trainees through difficulties
  • Integrated care: lessons from the United Kingdom

September 2015 (PDF 4MB)

  • College remembers Past-President Professor Priscilla Kincaid-Smith
  • Occupational medicine in the mining and oil and gas industries\
  • College action on climate change
  • Dr Eric Susman - A legacy lives on

July 2015 (PDF 6MB)

  • Contemporary issues prominent at Congress 2015
  • College commitment to asylum seeker health
  • NZ advocates ban on sale of sugary drinks in hospitals
  • Enhancing service quality in rural and remote areas
  • College recognised for medical research support

May 2015 (PDF 3MB)

  • College accreditation
  • Specialist Training Program
  • Telehealth
  • RACP Foundation: Award winner influencing stroke guidelines


RACP News ​March 2015 (PDF 2MB)

  •  Congress 2015
  • EVOLVE - evaluating evidence. enhancing efficiencies
  • Children in detention
  • RACP Foundation award winners

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​Contributing to RACP Quarterly

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