OTP orientation program

What is the OTP Orientation Program?

The OTP Orientation Program is a learning tool developed for Overseas Trained Physicians (OTPs).

The program prepares you for practice in Australia by introducing you to the Australian healthcare environment.

Start the OTP Orientation Program

You will need a username and password to access the OTP Orientation Program.

Get your username and password by entering your email address into the RACP Online Login Services page.

If you are having trouble with your login, contact the OTP unit by emailing OTP@racp.edu.au .

What does the program cover?

The OTP Orientation Program covers multiple topics, including:

  • The Australian healthcare setting (4hrs)
  • Cultural competency (4hrs)
  • The broader context of health (2.5hrs)
  • Communication (5hrs)
  • Quality and safety (4.5hrs)
  • Ethics (4.5hrs)
  • Teaching and learning (3hrs)

Can I do the OTP Orientation Program?

The program is available to:

  • OTPs undergoing assessment with the College
  • IMGs Training at the College
  • College Trainees and Fellows interested in learning more about the Australian healthcare system

OTPs in Australia must complete the activities in the program to satisfy requirements for peer review and specialist registration.

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