Advanced Trainee Selection and Matching (ATSM)

Positions are now open for the Advanced Trainee Selection and Matching (ATSM) service.

You must register for ATSM 2019 before you can apply for positions.

At this stage, you are only applying for positions. You will preference positions after interviews.

It is important that you read the instructions on how to apply for positions.

ATSM is used by a small number of specialties and locations to advertise positions. Check RACP Medical positions vacant and employer recruitment websites relevant to your desired training posts for all other positions.

Important information

Victorian Medical Oncology Training Programme (VMOTP) will advertise vacant positions for first year and continuing advanced trainee positions in Victoria and Tasmania only.

NSW and ACT vacant positions will be advertised on NSW JMO eRecruit.

Cardiology: Read the Cardiology 2019 First Year Process.

Endocrinology: Applicants must apply for every position for their application to be valid. Applicants must be prepared to accept any position they are matched to. If applicants do not accept a position they are matched to, they will not be offered another position in the match.

Geriatric Medicine: Check the Victorian Geriatric Medicine Training Program for information on the Centralised Match for Advanced Training in Geriatric Medicine in Victoria in 2020.

Infectious Diseases: Read about the Infectious Diseases Victorian ID Program 2020.

Match key dates

Match Position advertised Application deadline Interviews* Preference deadline
Batch 1
Gastroenterology continuing Advanced Trainees VIC/TAS combined 1 Jul 19 8 Jul 19 15 Jul 19 24 Jul 19
Geriatric Medicine (VIC), continuing Advanced Trainees 1 Jul 19 17 Jul 19 N/A 24 Jul 19
Rehabilitation Medicine SA First & Continuing trainees 3 Jul 19
17 Jul 19 23 Jul 19 24 Jul 19
Respiratory & Sleep Medicine continuing Advanced Trainees VIC/TAS  4 Jul 19  19 Jul 19 N/A 24 Jul 19
Match outcome^: 7 August 2019
Batch 2
Cardiology first year Advanced Trainees & VIC/TAS combined 1 Jul 19 18 Aug 19 26 Aug 19 28 Aug 19
Endocrinology first year and continuing Advanced Trainees VIC/TAS combined 1 Jul 19 1 Aug 19 30 Aug 19 HODs: 4pm, 30 Aug 19

  Trainees: 6pm, 30 Aug 19
Geriatric Medicine (VIC), first year and continuing trainees (excluding trainees matched in the first round) 12 Aug 19 28 Aug 19 N/A 2 Sep 19
Nephrology first year and continuing Advanced Trainees VIC/TAS 1 Jul 19 16 Aug 19
1st year:
22 Aug 19

2nd & 3rd year (familiarisation): 6pm-9pm,
21 Aug 19
30 Aug 19
Rheumatology first year and Continuing Advanced Trainees VIC/TAS 4 Jul 19 16 Aug 19 26 Aug 19 30 Aug 19 
Match outcome^: 13 September 2019
Batch 3
Infectious Diseases first year and continuing Advanced Trainees VIC 1 Jul 19 19 Aug 19 30 Aug 19 9 Sep 19
Gastroenterology first year Advanced Trainees VIC/TAS & SA 8 Aug 19 22 Aug 19 2 Sep 19
9 Sep 19
Respiratory & Sleep Medicine first year Advanced Trainees VIC/TAS 23 Jul 19 12 Aug 19 Meet and greet: 21 Aug
Interviews: from 2pm,
28 Aug
9 Sep 19
Match outcome^: 20 September 2019

* Dates subject to change
^ Match outcome delivered to Specialty Group Coordinators (SGC)



  1. Before applying for positions, you must register for ATSM 2019.
  2. To register:
    1. complete the standardised CV template
    2. have your referee's full name, email address and contact number ready
    3. accept the terms and conditions of use for the ATSM services
  3. You will receive an email from the College to confirm receipt of your registration.


  1. Check the match key dates table to find out when your desired specialty positions will be advertised.
  2. Apply for positions during the specialty position's advertisement period and apply.
  3. You must apply before the closing date.

After applications close

  1. After the application closing date, the College collates all received applicant CVs and referee reports.
  2. The College distributes applicant documentation to the relevant recruitment panel.
  3. The recruitment panel reviews all applications and creates a shortlist of candidates.
  4. The recruitment panel may ask you to attend an interview (see match key dates table for interview dates).

Shortlisted candidates: You will receive a form from the College requesting you rank your preferred positions.

Unsuccessful candidates: If you haven't been shortlisted, you will be contacted by the relevant recruitment panel.

Position preferences

  1. When shortlisted by a recruitment panel, the College will email you an online form to preference the positions you’ve applied following your interview.
  2. The recruitment panel ranks their preferred candidates after the interview process.
  3. The preference forms of all candidates and the recruitment panel must be completed by the Preference Closing date (see match key dates table).
  4. The College collate all preference information and de-identify it to protect privacy.
  5. The College delivers all preference information to NRMPI who runs the matching process.
  6. NRMPI sends all match results back to the College for re-identification.
  7. The College distributes results to the relevant recruitment panel to commence offers.

Note: The match process can take up to 10 business days. Please check the match key dates table to find out when your desired specialty receive the match results.

If you have any queries about the ATSM service, please contact us.

Recruitment panels

ATSM for recruitment panel members

Specialty Group Coordinators for each specialty participating in the 2019 ATSM service have been contacted with details on how to upload positions to the RACP website.

To assist in your selection process, the college has a range of resources including an overview of selection, guidelines and sample questions available.

Recruitment panels can access College meeting rooms to conduct interviews (where available). Contact RACP Events at to check availability in your region and make a booking.

If you have any queries about the ATSM service, please contact us.

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