Advanced Trainee Selection and Matching (ATSM)

The Advanced Training and Selection Matching (ATSM) system is a preference system that electronically matches eligible applicants to Advanced Training positions at RACP accredited training sites, based on the respective numerical preferences entered by the applicant and employer. ATSM has been used by some specialty groups as part of their recruitment process for Advanced Training positions.

The College has decided to cease operating the ATSM system from 2019 onwards.

The Board has considered feedback from trainees and other system users and has resolved to further investigate potential options for future matching of advanced trainees to training opportunities. As part of this process, the decision has been taken to cease operating the ATSM system originally provided by the College and provide an alternative solution to assist with Advanced Trainee matching in 2019.

Applying for an Advanced Trainee position

In 2019, Advanced Trainee matching panels will be provided free advertising on the positions vacant page on the RACP website. Further information on this service will be provided closer to the usual ATSM period of 1 July to 4 October 2019.

Some specialty groups and health settings may alternatively choose to advertise positions on their own website or other recruitment sites. Trainees are advised to check the RACP website and any other relevant recruitment sites.

We are consulting with specialty groups and trainees and will be providing an RACP toolkit to support good recruitment practices for this year’s Advanced Trainee matching activity. This will include a matching tool for use by interested selection panels.

Further information about this change and the services listed above will be provided closer to the usual ATSM period.

If you have any questions or feedback about this change, please contact Member Services at

Specialties who used the ATSM system in 2018

Specialty Advanced Training year Australian State(s)
Cardiology First year NSW/ACT & VIC/TAS
 Endocrinology First year and continuing
First year SA, QLD, VIC/TAS, WA, NSW/ACT
Continuing NSW/ACT, VIC/TAS, WA
Geriatric Medicine First year and continuing VIC
Infectious Diseases First year and continuing VIC
Nephrology First year and continuing VIC/TAS
Rehabilitation Medicine First year and continuing SA, QLD
Respiratory and Sleep Medicine First year and continuing VIC/TAS
Rheumatology First year and continuing NSW/ACT, VIC/TAS
Victorian Medical Oncology Training Programme (VMOTP) First year and continuing VIC/TAS

Applying for Advanced Training

For information on application due dates and applying for Advanced Training, please refer to your Advanced Training program handbook.

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