Advanced Training Resources

Trainees and supervisors can use the following College training program resources.

Advanced Training Portal

Login to the Advanced Training Portal to find many of the requirements of your training program including summary of completed and required training, information on training rotations, including approval and certification decisions, past examination results and more.


eLearning@RACP is an online resource to support College members in their learning. You will find educational resources developed by the RACP or shared by other postgraduate medical colleges.

Education policies

Go to Education Policy to find more on policies related to your studies, including Flexible Training, Recognition of Prior Learning and Trainee in Difficulty Support Policy and more.

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Training and responsibilities

  • Variations in training processes cover dual, joint, conjoint and post-fellowship training.
  • Flexible training optionsinformation covers part-time training, interruptions to training, withdrawing from training and exceptional circumstances.
  • Trainee responsibilities must be understood as trainees are adult learners who play a role in teaching and mentoring junior doctors.
  • Supervision in training involves a comprehensive level of educationally-focused support for trainees. The College runs supervisor workshops.
  • The College is committed to supporting trainees who are experiencing difficulty in their training. If trainees or supervisors are experiencing difficulty, they should contact the Training Support Unit.
  • An Advanced Trainee Selection and Matching process is offered in some specialties. Details of participating states, regions and specialties are available from June each year.
  • Core training is usually conducted in training positions at accredited training sites that have been accredited by the overseeing committee.

Approval and certification of training

Once trainees have secured a training position, they must prospectively apply for approval as per the Progression through Training Policy

Approval of training periods will be determined by the overseeing committee. To be approved, a trainee’s individual training program must be consistent with the training requirements and appropriate for the stage in training.

Upon completion of each rotation or calendar year of training, the overseeing committee considers each trainee’s progress according to the program requirements. If all requirements of training have been satisfactorily completed, the overseeing committee will certify the period of training.

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