What types of assessment will I complete in my training program?

Trainees complete work-based assessments and examinations as part of the program requirements for their training program.

Assessments for Basic Training

Basic Trainees complete:

To find out more about the assessments that you need to complete for Basic Training, see the Basic Training program requirements.  

Please see the latest FAQs for candidates which include information prior to, during and following the 2018 Clinical Examinations and ​updates on the New Zealand Clinical Examination dates and allocations.

Assessments for Advanced Training

Advanced Trainees complete various work-based assessments during their training. Depending on the Advanced Training program, Advanced Trainees may also complete examinations.

To find out more about the assessments you need to complete for your Advanced Training Program, see the program requirements on your Advanced Training program page.

When are the examinations?

See examination dates for Basic and Advanced Training.

What is the purpose of assessment?

Assessment at the RACP aims to:

  • Encourage trainees to learn new skills and knowledge
  • Offer a standardised and efficient process for training and education
  • Provide progressive feedback to trainees and supervisors to guide training and ensure ongoing learning
  • Assess a trainee’s understanding and clinical expertise

What are the standards for assessment?

The RACP devised a set of draft standards for assessment for our training programs.

Read the Standards for Assessment in RACP Training Programs (PDF 627KB).

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