Divisional Written Examination

What is the Written Examination?

The Written Examination tests a trainee’s knowledge in Adult Internal Medicine or Paediatrics & Child Health at the end of Basic Training to determine if they are ready for Advanced Training.

Areas of knowledge tested in the Written Examination include:

  • Medicine and therapeutic practice
  • Clinical investigation results (ECGs, X-rays)
  • Medical principles
  • Basic science

Am I eligible to sit the examination?

To be eligible to sit the Written Examination, you must have completed a minimum of 24 months of Basic Training. For the full eligibility requirements, please refer to the Basic Training Handbooks

When is the examination?

See the examination dates page to find out when the Written Examination is being held in Australia and New Zealand and application opening and closing dates.

I've heard there are changes to the Examination from 2018, what are they?

From 2018 the College will use computer-based testing (CBT) for the Divisional Written Examination instead of paper and pencil format.  The nature of the exam questions, number of questions, structure and marking will all remain the same.  

The Examination will still consist of a Medical Sciences paper (with 70 questions, including four Extended Matching Questions (EMQs) and 66 one-correct answer multiple-choice questions) and a Clinical Applications paper (with 100 questions, including 92 one-correct multiple-choice questions and eight EMQs).  

The College is introducing computer-based testing to improve the efficiency and security of the examination delivery as part of its education renewal program to provide added value to trainees.  Computer-based testing reduces the risk of handling errors within the examination process and gives the College the capacity to deliver the Written Examination more often. It will also increase the accuracy and efficiency of test scoring, reporting results and providing feedback to candidates. 

The College has engaged Pearson VUE to deliver the computer-based testing for the 2018 Divisional Written Exam. Pearson VUE has extensive experience providing test services across Australia and New Zealand.  The test will be available in the usual examination locations across both countries.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions about computer-based training

Is there a fee to sit the examination?

A fee is applicable to the Written Examination. Refer to the Membership Fees page for fees to sit the Written Examination in Australia or New Zealand.

What is the maximum number of attempts?

The Progression Through Training Policy specifies limits on the maximum training time and number of examination attempts allowed. The revised policy will be implemented from December 2016 in New Zealand and 1 January 2017 in Australia. Transition arrangements apply if you commenced training before this date. Please see the policy information for more details.

You can view information about your past examination attempts on the Basic Training Portal

What are the Instructions to Candidates for the Written Examination?

The Instructions to Candidates for the Written Examination provide essential information for trainees attempting the Written Examination. You must read the Instructions before applying to sit the Examination. The 2018 Instructions are now available (Australia, New Zealand).

Can I see sample exam papers and example questions?

From August 2017 you will be able to undertake a sample computer-based test for the Written Examination to familiarise yourself with the test environment.

The College does not currently provide past papers as practice materials.

What is the pass mark for the examination?

The pass mark is set for the Written Examination each year after the papers have been marked. see more details in How the Pass Mark is Determined (PDF 275KB)

What ​is the pas​s r​at​e for the ​examination?

Overall pass statistics for the Written Examination from previous years are available under past examination results 
Where can I sit the examination?

The Written Examination is held in a number of locations across Australia and New Zealand. Refer to the Instructions to Candidates for further details. 

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